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CHOGM in Sri Lanka proves that the LTTE apologists are effectively finished

November 19, 2013

CHOGM in Sri Lanka proves that the LTTE apologists are effectively finished

First a little self-indulgence

There are several pro-LTTE or LTTE apologists still haunting the arenas of public discourse. Some like the ATC (Australian Tamils Congress) have prominent leaders such as Dr Sam Pari who are signed up members of the LTTE terrorist organisation. Others like the Sri Lankan Campaign for Justice and Peace seem to exist for no other purpose than to exist. We also have the Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon who happily rocks up to ‘Hero’s Day’ celebrations and pumps out unfiltered propaganda from the GTF. Of course, the GTF (Global Tamils Forum) was started by the LTTE and some of its founders were arrested on terrorism charges. The websites of deception by these fronts is easy to uncover. Unfortunately, the modern world of journalism seems to be too shy to take terrorist apologists to task. Instead, a free and uncritical media platform is offered to any ‘loopy radical’ who can string 2 coherent words together. Who really needs the truth when you have an articulate LTTE apologist to feed you copy?

Former BTA Chief A.C.Shanthan and his niece Australian Greens candidate
Brami Jegan

The open border dogma

It is no great secret that amongst the Left centric that ‘border control’ and ‘stopping the boats’ is an anathema. When Labor was in power there was very little agitation about the thousands of boat people pouring into Australia each month. There was even less noise about the 1100 people who have drowned making the dangerous journey. Stopping the people smuggling racket is not something that the Australian Greens would even consider. Instead their solution was to have an open boarder policy where safe sea passages would be created to help facilitate the better flow of asylum seekers to Australia. The Australian Greens solution is to help the smugglers rather than to hinder them. As a result, the Australian Greens has been willing to associate with any and every person who supports this open border dogma.

The Australian Greens blindness went further in the 2007 election and endorsed a candidate whose uncle was arrested on terrorist charges. Not satisfied with merely having a candidate with questionable associates and an unwillingness to accept the seriousness of the terrorism charges the Australian Greens have made their own connections to pro-LTTE fronts.

Lee (Lenin Diploma Alumni) Rhiannon

Fr/Dr Emmanuelle head of the GTF formerly the BTF(Left)
Child soldier trainer Adele Balasingham being honoured by the BTF on “Heroes Day” (Right)

As mentioned in an earlier post it was Greens Sen. Lee Rhiannon who invited Fr Emmanuel of the BTF to her own offices for a photo session. It was also Lee Rhiannon who tried to introduce a private members bill to the Australian parliament to have the Sri Lankan CHOGM boycotted.

The addiction of the Australian Greens to the boat-people issue may have left it so naive that the infiltration from LTTE front organization was inevitable. Then again Lee Rhiannon’s own dubious past with the CPA is nothing to boast about.

Gordon (Rubbery Numbers) Weiss

Few people have built a career on peddling errors and fiction as much as Gordon Weiss. His own book called “The Cage” fails to substantiate the inflated figure 40,000 dead civilians that he had been touting to the press. In fact the book drops the figure to 10,000 with the only excuse given by Weiss that his publisher was responsible for the beat up. That being said, did Weiss apologize or issue any correction before or even after the publication of his book. Not on your life. Instead once again he starts peddling the figure of 40,000 as a means of attacking Sri Lanka. Intellectual honesty and credibility seem to be no obstacle to Weiss being published on the ABC news website.

In terms of credibility Gordon Weiss has very little. This is not my assessment but that of the UN itself who disowned Weiss’s views as personal statements.

These views, communicated to the media are his (Gordon Weiss) personal ones and do not represent those of the United Nations…

Geoffrey (Arrest the Pope) Robertson

Few people have worked so hard to wreck their own credibility as Geoffrey Robertson QC ret. Once he was the star of the ‘Hypothetical’ television program, then as a judge on the international court but now he is another self appointed keeper of the public conscience. The problem is that Robertson’s own conscience seems to be guided by his person prejudices and ignorance about the subjects he attacks.

Still wallowing in the adulation of his left wing and secular mates for his last loony idea of arresting the Pope there is always another loony idea to promote. This time the retired QC and non-expert on Sri Lanka wants to warn everyone about the boats that Australian government gave to Sri Lanka. Apparently the “Sri Lanka patrol boat gift will be used against civilians.”

Geoffrey goes on to claim that the civilian deaths in the final part of the civil war was between 40,000 and 70,000 civilians (where does he get these figures?). He goes on to declare that the end of the war was a ‘final solution’ (yep, he just evoked a Nazi comparison). Delivering the annual Victorian human rights talk he made this bold statement:

“The Sri Lankan navy, the beneficiary of the Australian gun boats, played the worst part,” he told a packed audience in Melbourne. “They just stood off shore bombarding people and shelling people in this vast crowd in this target area.”

Geoffrey Robertson is supposedly a QC of some stature and would be familiar with how evidence should be presented before making such inflammatory claims. However he offers no evidence, no proof and nothing other than his reputation as a retired QC to plead his case. Even a lowly magistrate understands that this is completely unacceptable.

Why the protest have failed

The current protests and public statements can be summed up as being: “Of the Left, by the Left and for the Left.” This issue only seems to have affected inner city elites who appear to be using Sri Lanka as justification for their own open border dogmas. Talk of war crimes and ongoing abuse helps justify a stance that would be otherwise be difficult to justify. If the boat people are portrayed as escaping a mythical Nazi like regime then the open border dogma can be rationalized.

The problem with such a fantasy is that it directly echoes the war propaganda that the LTTE were pumping out to justify child soldiers and Black Tiger suicide bombers. The cries of genocide proved wrong then and no amount of wishful thinking can change that fact. CHOGM continued on, Australia gifted patrol boats and there was no widespread boycott.

Like it or not CHOGM went ahead in Sri Lanka.

All the influence that the noisy protesters made in the western press amounted to not much at all.

Editorial Comment:

I did not add all the incidents of the last few weeks because there were just too many. What I do find amazing is the total lack of journalistic interest in the LTTE agencies and front organizations that were built up during the civil war. No one seems to be asking whether they are being fed hard core propaganda by the remnants of a defeated terrorist organization. But I guess that revelation would go against the open border dogma.

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