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Brain Meltdowns on the ABC Drum. March 2014 edition.

March 17, 2014
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toBrain Meltdowns on the ABC Drum. March 2014 edition.

I think that I have created a monster.  It is like that old song “Every time I look around it is in my face…”  Thus begins my helpless addiction of looking at how my taxes are being spent, I come to the same conclusion.  At the Drum Website, they are not so much being spent but are instead being thrown away.

Now before you get me wrong, in many ways I love the Drum.  It is that tiny little pimple on the backside of reality that keeps reminding us once again that you do not need to consider the real world if you can write for a blog.  (Some may argue that you do not need a life either, but that is a different story.)  Anyway like a moth to the flame and fly to a pile of excrement our ‘greatest intellectuals’ are attracted to Drum.  Shall we begin:

 Clementine  (I print F*** Tony Abbott tee shirts) Ford

If ever there was a prize for sneering angry feminism then our darling Clementine Ford would be a front runner.  The dinosaur misandry attitudes of the 1970’s live again through excerpts of her International Women’s Day rant called: Male privilege extends beyond the airwaves

The subheading says everything you need to know before punishing your mind with a barrage preachy demands and lame accusations:

Male-dominated talkback radio schedules and Q&A panels aren’t outliers in an otherwise gender-equal world – they’re representative of how women are routinely sidelined in Australian society, writes Clementine Ford


I am so glad that we have that out of the way.  I would also like it to be known that these areas sometimes (but not always) sideline boring people.

 If the ABC’s Q&A was hosted not by Tony Jones but by Virginia Trioli, and featured a mere two men to four women sitting along the panel every week (as is the current ratio in reverse), would you be comfortable with this? Every week.

And later adds that:

Like many organisations responsible for booking talent, Q&A argues that it’s difficult to find women who are willing to appear on the show – but I’m going to go ahead and call BS on that

Evidence is not required at all because Ms Ford has a whole string of friend who will be willing to stack the panel for her group think sessions. Of course, as Ms Ford says:

“Hell, it’s been two years since the one (and only) time I was invited to appear”

Not fault of her because:

… lightweights like Brendan O’Neill are perpetually invited to share their reactionary conspiracy theories while a nation watches on, utterly perplexed.

There you go.  Clementine Ford is discriminated against because she thinks that Brendan O’Neill is an intellectual lightweight who gets more airtime.  Then again it could be that Ms Ford is just trying to excuse her mediocre performance.

Antony (I still Wuv Marxism) Loewenstein

Antony Loewenstein has to be everyone’s favourite anti-Israel, pro-BSD, anti-Howard, pro-LTTE, Rise of Marxism alumni blogger.  His latest tome is a great big defence of the BDS campaign in a piece called: Silencing BDS supporters in the land of the free .

Antony writes:

The BDS movement is a logical and non-violent response to human rights abuses in Palestine

Non-violent it is certainly not.  Anyone who has seen the video of the noisy demonstrations in front of coffee shops as the BDS protestors block and intimidate away customers, would beg to differ.

Antony claims:

BDS faces multiple attacks against its legitimacy and legal right to be heard, as well as allegations of anti-Semitism.

The campaign only targets Jews often attended by people shouting ‘Death to Israel’ and claims of a Zionist genocide against the Palestinians.

Tim Dunlop’s hysterical revisionism

When it come to historical revision some people really let fly with matching their invented narrative to their own paranoia.  His piece called Social media has nothing on these political disasters. With regards to the 1975 dismissal of the Labor Government Tim Dunlop says:

The conservative press and conservative intellectuals have been rationalising the act ever since and it is that rationalisation, that willingness to abandon their own principles and to argue that black is white,

Ho Hum. Lets all relive the 1975 Constitutional Crisis all over again and pretend that it was simply a conservative/press conspiracy.

Well that is all I have time to look at this month.

Remember that the ABC provides a great service in keeping the loopy elitists occupied.

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