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Using the United Nations Human Rights Council to Destabilize Sri Lanka is madness: Part-1

April 1, 2014

Special Report: Using the United Nations Human Rights Council to Destabilize Sri Lanka is madness: Part-1 

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LTTE Flags and same message keeps coming back.
Are the LTTE fronts getting activists to sell their propaganda?
Once again the call has gone out from a collection of activist organisations to force an investigation into the last moments of the Sri Lankan Civil War.  The Human Rights Law Centre and The Campaign for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka are just two examples.  Both present themselves as noble human rights organisations but both are still hostage to partisan politics and activism from some unsavoury influences.  Both organisations treat claims of human rights abuse by the government of Sri Lanka as if they are proven.  Both dance very close to people who have had direct and indirect links with the LTTE.  Not that having indirect links with LTTE members is a sin in itself but it does explain why they sound like an echo chamber for the same grievances.
 Currently, there is a US sponsored resolution with the United Nations Human Rights Council to conduct investigations of war crimes without the co-operation of the Sri Lankan government.  Ironically there is no proposal to investigate human rights abuses and illegal activities of the LTTE in western havens.   There is no resolution to investigate the international fundraising and multi-million dollar terrorism network that was installed by the LTTE.
Sadly it also means that any investigation into how a terrorist organisation like the LTTE can infiltrate legitimate organisations to push the own agendas will not be investigated.  Nor will the plethora of signed up LTTE members like Dr Sam Pari be investigated.  Even sadder the one person who they can do something about, Adele Balasingham will be free to enjoy her retirement from training of child soldiers in the fair city of London.  Certainly not, because unsubstantiated claims against Sri Lanka are a much higher priority.Forgive the cynical tone of the previous paragraph but occasionally I get the impression that few people understand how destabilizing it is to accuse a nation of mass murder.  Even if there is no evidence to be found; even if the Sri Lankan forces are exonerated; even if it all leads to nothing; the damage will already have been done.
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BTF website campaigns magically resonates with the activist’s campaign

 Sri Lanka has just completed a civil war against one of the most ruthless and cunning terrorist organizations that world had ever seen.  The LTTE had installed a multimillion dollar fundraising and criminal network that dwarfs the imagination.  At the heart of this network was a sophisticated propaganda network that beamed its message to some of the wests most naive and foolish politicians.  In the UK the BTF (British Tamils Forum) was founded by the LTTE members, one of who was imprisoned on terrorism charges for procuring electronic weaponry.  In the USA and in the EU the LTTE front organization the TRF (Tamils Relief Fund) was shut down with a string of arrests because its primary purpose was to raise funds to support the terrorist activities of the LTTE.
If arrests and public court cases were enough to stop a fanatical terrorist organization then there would be no problem.  However this is not the case.  For example the BTF rebadged itself as the GTF (Global Tamils Forum) and the used this to create a global network of satellite organizations such as the ATC (Australian Tamil Congress) where LTTE member Dr Sam Pari is a spokesperson (Why does her name come up so often?).  Make no mistake these organizations were created to sell the LTTE terrorist message to the west.  Not only did they lobby and charm politicians they also became celebrities on current affairs and news programs.  The sad faces of the minority martyr persona found an easy audience and they exploited it to the hilt.  Any fantasy sprouted out by the like of the Sam Pari’s of the world went unchallenged.
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 President of the BTF Professor/Dr/Fr Emmanuel and Sen. Lee Rhiannon

 One such audience was senator Lee Rhiannon of the Australian Greens Party who happily entertained the head of the GTF, Fr Emmanuel in her office.  Another audience was The Human Rights Law Centre who last year invited Dr Sam Pari to join a panel to discuss human rights violations in Sri Lanka.  Months later and Emily Howie the director of advocacy and research at the Human Rights Law Centre writes to the ABC Drum website that ‘Australia’s silence on Sri Lanka is deafening’.  In regards to the UN resolution Emily writes:“…the inquiry would be a critical step towards justice for the estimated 40,000 Sri Lankan civilians who died during the final phase of the war as well as those who were forcibly disappeared, abducted, tortured and sexually abused.”None of these accusations have been established with any credible evidence but if you are turning to people like Dr Sam Pari, Bruce Haig and Gordon Weiss for advice then you are unlikely to find any.  Almost all of the accusation can find their origins in the propaganda campaign run by the LTTE to falsely accuse Sri Lanka of genocide.


 Another apex of dreamy idealism comes from the dodgy organization called the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice who are also pushing for the UN resolution to go ahead.  Loaded with academics and celebrity activists this organization goes out of its way to accuse Sri Lankan defence forces of human rights violations.  Every day they seem to dream up a new method of publicizing their unsubstantiated accusations and go so far as demanding boycotts of Sri Lanka.  is another website dedicated to accusing the Sri Lankan forces of committing rapes and murders that are today greater in number than what they were accused of in 2009.  They even have a graphic to explain it all.  The report on Sri Lanka was produced by United Kingdom Bar Human Rights Committee, lawyer Yasmin Sooka and the International Truth & Justice Project(no reference available).  They claimed to have interviewed 40 people to produce the report.

Just as a side note I should make it clear that Yasmin Sooka was one of the co-author of the flawed ‘Report of the Secretary-General’s panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka’ that made similar unsubstantiated accusations.  Yasmin is also in the advisory council of the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice.

 On the home site for the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice we still have the same list of accusations and the desire to have the UN resolution passed.  They even have a neat graphic to show which way nations had voted.  Strangely the graphic indicates that nations that are geographically closest to Sri Lanka voted against the proposal but those that are furthest away voted for it.  The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice are also asking for donations to keep going.  Apparently they raised over £38,000 this year. (I wonder what they do that costs so much).
Activist Oligarchy
 The collection of so called human rights activists all seem to have the same attitude toward Sri Lanka.  A false sense of credibility is created when they present themselves as separate organizations that have independently reached the same conclusion.  Unfortunately many of these activists share the same members and inevitably share agendas with each other.

Here is how some of the organizations are related:

Name Membership of Relationships
Dr Sam Pari LTTE,

Australian Tamil Congress

Antony Lowenstein (friendship)
Antony Lowenstein Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice Friend of Dr Sam Pari
Emily Howie Human Rights Law Centre The HRLC hosted a panel with Dr Sam Pari, Bruce Haig and Gordon Weiss to discuss human rights violation in Sri LankaAccuses the Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia of war crimes. (their report rejected by the Aust Fed Police)
Yasmin Sooka UN,Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice;United Kingdom Bar Human Rights Committee, (only dedicated to Sri Lanka)


‘Report of the Secretary-General’s panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka’ co-authorInternational Truth & Justice Project,“Crimes Against Humanity in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province” promoting report.
Bruce Haig Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice,
The International Working Group On Sri Lanka Donated £10,000 to Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice,
Network for social change Donated £4,800 to Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice,



 This just a sample of the how such organizations and its members are so closely linked with each other.  Is this some kind of conspiracy or just a complicated fraudulent way of pushing an agenda?If, as I suspect, they are comparing campaign strategies with each other then their credibility is shaky at best.  Did an oligarchy of activists decide what the story was and then create reports and press releases to match?  The impeccable timing of their activities indicates that this may be the case.

Promoting reconciliation by promoting unsubstantiated claims of abuse


 The question of having a team of international investigators running around Sri Lanka goes deeper than western hypocrisy.  (No such UN resolution was passed against the USA acting in the Iraq War where many more were killed and torture was confirmed.)  It gets worse when you consider how hostile some media reports have been.The key problem is how the remnant LTTE international terrorist wing will capitalize out of this confusion. Sri Lanka sits just below Tamil Nadu where cells of LTTE members are lobbying the India Government to take it off the proscribed terrorist list.
 End of Part 1
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