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What type of Blogger are you?

April 3, 2014

What type of Blogger are you?


(First published January 14th 2007)

In the interest of sweeping generalisations and stereotypes, I have begun to think that Blogger’s fall in several categories. These categories are sometimes unintended but often they can seem intentional. Some writers have an audience in mind and play to this in the same way that musicians play on stage. Choosing an approach or way of tackling an issue can often be a conscious decision that has been arrived at through careful planning. Then again none us could really be that clever and we all just type out how we feel at the moment. However, I would like to argue that there types of approaches and styles that I will describe. Which one do you think suits you?


1-The Ideologue

The Ideologue already knows what they have to say and what response they want. Usually they write in one paragraph what the need to say. If they need to say more they don’t add more paragraphs they just make this one longer. Feedback for the ideologue is an irritant as they know everything and everyone should know not to question them.


2-The Empathy Magnet

The Empathy Magnet is actually a very nice person and is looking to see how everyone feels about something. Confrontation is not cool for this person and they always try to keep the subject light.


3- The Provocateur

The Provocateur will pose questions in order to provoke a response. This is a ploy like leaving a honey pot out and seeing who comes to taste it. Feedback to a provocateur is like opium.


4- The Controversialist

Similar to the Provocateur in trying to get attention but wants to push the envelope to a new limit. The controversialist has some similarities to the ideologue but is willing to support and idea that they do not believe in. Feedback to a controversialist is a chance to try to shock the person more.


5- The Historian

The historian keeps lists and trivia from a time long gone. Suddenly they have a place to put this and tell the world about what they know. Feedback for the historian is in the form of added facts and corrections. Usually losta pictures.


6- The Online Café Dweller

This person hangs out to make friends. They are usually a very nice person and only want to socialise. Feedback is a personal thing and all about small talk. It is all about the Zone and Vibe of the place.


8- Pyromaniac

The pyromaniac does not usually have a blog but continues to visit every site that they can. They drop in, usually as Anon, and violent disagrees or starts attacking other posters (Starting a flame war.) Then as quick as they came they are gone. Never to be seen again. Who was the masked bandit?


Many Blogs would be a combination of several of these and few would be just one. However, there is one that may be a best fit each person. So which one would best fit you or is my assessment all wrong?


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