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Using the United Nations Human Rights Council to Destabilize Sri Lanka is madness: Part-2

April 6, 2014


How activists are behaving like useful idiots for terrorist propaganda.


In the previous part of this series I explained the relationship between many of the activist critics of Sri Lanka and the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) or its front organisations.

Too close for comfort?


Conflicts of interest but matching agendas


There are several controversial issues in Australia and around the world that have become a magnet for activists. In Australia, one of the most controversial issues is that of ocean-going asylum seekers. In most cases, the boats are coming from Indonesia and heading for the closest mass of Australian land. Prior to 2014 many of the boats landed at Christmas Island in the middle of Indian Ocean. As a result of this influx this tiny atoll became a magnet for thousands of boat arrivals; each one claiming asylum and telling stories of horror and persecution. Over 40,000 boat people arrived at Australian shores between 2007 and 2013 with the tragic result of 1500 drowning at sea. Since the change of government in late 2013 and implementation of ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ the numbers have dwindled. The last report of any asylum seeker boats arriving on Australian shore was more than 10 weeks ago.


But was has this to do with Sri Lanka?


The main argument put forward by the activists supporting the boat arrivals is that every one of these people is fleeing for their lives. The counter argument is that most are economic migrants seeking a better lifestyle by posing as refugees to gain entry to Australia. From 2008 after PM Kevin Rudd abolished the border protection policies of the previous Howard government there was a massive spike in boat arrivals. Sometimes more than a thousand boat people would arrive per week. Many of the boat arrivals were coming from Sri Lanka.


Boat arrival advocates were quick to claim that the sudden influx of boats was due to push factors, such as the civil war in Sri Lanka, rather than pull factors, such a weakening border security. Certainly, the Rudd/Labor government did not want to admit that it weakening of border security was the cause of the problem so said little.


The Australian Greens Party, who opposed border protection policies, emphatically denied that it could possibly be pull factors that were luring the boat people. Many other advocate and activist groups took the same line of argument, namely that all the boat people were genuine refugees fleeing immediate danger. As a result, the poster child for activist scorn became Sri Lanka.


The Australian Greens refugee policy can be found here. (Read it and weep)


Sri Lanka ticked all the right boxes when it came to creating a boggy man:

  • The civil war in Sri Lanka had been dragging on for decades
  • Few people knew anything about Sri Lanka
  • The conflict had an ethnic divide where a minority could be identified
  • The war was headline news
  • LTTE supporters had very good access to the media and
  • Above all, boat people were coming from Sri Lanka.


As such it was in the best interests of some boat people advocates to play up the horror stories about Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, this also left some advocate organisations much easier to be charmed and infiltrated by LTTE agents and its supporters. The end result was that now these activists and advocates uncritically relayed the propaganda messages for the LTTE. For advocates of asylum seeker’s the constant stream of horror stories and shouts of genocide justified their determination to abolish border protection policies forever.



Symbiotic Relationships


Sarah Hanson-Young

To give an example of how for this relationship became interdependent we need only look as far as Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young of the Australian Greens Party. Sen. Hanson-Young’s official website says the following about asylum seekers:


The Greens’ immigration policies for asylum seekers include limiting detention to a maximum of 30 days for health, identity and security checks, instituting automatic judicial review for further detention, and ensuring that no child is ever held in detention.


Here are some of her linked stories:


Nauru protests highlight Australia’s shame (06 Nov 2012);

Government refuses to grant media access to offshore detention centres (07 Feb 2013);

Government halts Sri Lankan deportations after High Court challenge (05 Dec 2012)


And the list goes on.


With regards to Sri Lanka Hanson-Young has this to say:


It has been shown, even very recently, that people returned to Sri Lanka regularly face persecution and for the Labor Party to sink this low in the race to the bottom with the Coalition is very concerning.




“Australia can’t simply wash its hands of the people it is returning to Sri Lanka.



Lee Rhiannon



Here is what Lee Rhiannon of the Australian Greens does:


Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon has congratulated Tamil youth activists for their action “Whose side are you on?” at the One Day International match between Sri Lanka and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground today.


This action by more than 130 Tamil youth is an important part of the growing global campaign for an independent investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the civil war.


Proof positive of the relationship with ATC and GTF.




Lee Rhiannon is also campaigning for the asylum seeker to be weakened.

However, it is her obsession with Sri Lanka that is most telling.

Lee Rhiannon claims:


It is estimated that approximately 215,000 people have been killed in the country’s civil war


(Where did that imaginary number come from?)



Bruce Haigh

Bruce Haigh former diplomat and asylum seeker advocate says this about the boarder protection policies:


The treatment handed out to the protesting refugees on Christmas Island was cruel and calculated revenge. Why do Immigration, the AFP and ASIO, shock jocks and the political ruling class hate refugees? What have they to fear? Why do they respond to and feed the hysteria?




He also wanted to have the CHOGM in Sri Lanka boycotted:

As a result of the Sri Lankan government’s failure to investigate war crimes and because of its participation in ongoing repression of Tamils, the Canadian government has said it will boycott this year’s CHOGM to be held in Sri Lanka


And so:

In all conscience Australia must also boycott CHOGM.




John Dowd QC

The Hon John Dowd AO QC and refugee advocate:


And now fear is being created by the fear of refugees coming to Australia by boat. This has become a big political issue.



He goes on to say:

…it’s a political issue whipped up, partly by the parliamentary opposition no matter who is in power, as a political issue to try and engender fear in Australia.





It was John Dowd QC drew up the failed accusations of war crimes against Sri Lankan and its High Commissioner to Australia, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe, also.




The desire to prove Sri Lanka is a terrible place for Tamils is crucial to proving that all boat arrivals are genuine refugees. So much so that asylum seeker advocates and activists have gone to great lengths to mingle with LTTE fronts and their members. It is no coincidence that the LTTE fronts like the GTF,ATC accusations of a genocide are repeated by asylum seeker activists. The message it being tailored to match the activists own message. Skilled propagandists from the LTTE have had three decades to hone their message. For naïve activists, unsubstantiated horror stories and random gory pictures was pulling all the right heartstrings.



End of part 2


Part 3 coming

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