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The Dr Sam Pari scandal continues. The listing of the ATC as a terrorist support organization

April 9, 2014

The Dr Sam Pari scandal continues. The listing of the ATC as a terrorist support organisation


What is the relationship between the LTTE and the ATC?


Terrorist networks in our own backyard


Since the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka very little has been done in western nations to dismantle the enormous and sophisticated LTTE (Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam) terrorist support networks. This international LTTE network not only engaged in propaganda and protest organisation but also in logistics, weapons procurement and recruitment for the LTTE. Right under the noses of the western world the benchmark of modern terrorism was allowed to flourish. It was as if this fact would have no bearing on the nations where the LTTE was established.

LTTE flags between Australian flags protesting a genocide that never happened.

Few people cared to investigate when thousands of LTTE flags were waved in public demonstrations around the world. Nor did it register with the mainstream media that $300,000,000 per year pouring into the LTTE coffers would be used to buy weapons, train suicide bombers, conscript child soldiers and wage war. Somewhere between the friendly faces of the LTTE front organizations like the GTF (Global Tamils Forum) and the ATC (Australian Tamil Congress) the reality of a ruthless agenda, it became too hard to ask the tough but crucial question: How dangerous is it to the western world to let the LTTE operate on its own backyard?



Because this question was never asked the western nation havens for the LTTE have unwittingly contributed to the numbers of civilians killed in Sri Lanka. Without the sophisticated international logistics and support network that the LTTE would have been starved of funds and the war would have ended years earlier as a result. It was the millions pouring into the LTTE war chests that were used to purchase weapons and keep their armies in uniforms. It was LTTE front organisations that ensured the money kept flowing.


A little Perspective

There has never been a terrorist logistic and propaganda network like the LTTE. The LTTE set up countless front organisations and criminal entities to ensure that every possible penny could be squeezed and extorted from the Tamil diaspora. Every imaginable method was used from:


  • Special events fundraisers
  • Hero’s Day celebration
  • Taking over the financial control of Hindu temples
  • Running of the ‘Mother Tongue’ schools
  • Selling international phone cards
  • Satellite television (with news beamed from LTTE)
  • Issuing Tamils in Europe with LTTE identity cards to track their contribution to Eelam.


Very little of this has been discussed in the mainstream media because it is leaps and bounds beyond what they could image a terrorist network is capable of.


LTTE Charm offensive

With a terrorist organisation like the LTTE there was no propaganda tactic too low for them to use. The cries of genocide and comparison to Rwanda that came from the LTTE were a deliberate attempt to divert attention away from child soldiers and suicide bombers. Mass street demonstration that took place in Europe and Canada flew the LTTE red flags and often featured portraits of the LTTE leader Prabhakaran.


So many LTTE flags


In the UK the GTF ran the annual ‘Hero’s Day’ event that celebrated the LTTE and suicide bombers as martyrs. They even had child dressing up as LTTE cadres and acting out mock battles. Sadly the ‘Hero’s Day’ events were attended by politicians from the UK parliament. They were being charmed in one breath and then fed a diet raw hardcore LTTE propaganda in the next breath. The end result was that many of these special guests politicians would uncritically relay the LTTE message to the broader community. That: Sri Lanka oppresses Tamils; Sri Lanka is worse than Rwanda; Sri Lanka commits genocide; the 300,000 Tamils help captive by the LTTE were there willingly… The list of lies goes on.

‘Hero’s Day’ London. Mock LTTE grave sites


In Australia, the ATC put forward their own friendly face for the media to see. This was Dr Sam Pari.


Dr Sami Pari was the spokesperson for the ATC which is a branch of the GTF which is a branch of the BTF which was created by the BTA. The BTA was renamed as the BTF after its leaders were arrested on charges of supporting a terrorist organisation. AC Santhan (alias) was an LTTE agent who also set up the official LTTE website Eelam and been arrest for supplying military electronics and components to the LTTE. When the BTF replaced the BTA it was Fr. Emmanuelle when took control and under the guise of the GTF and set up satellite organisations around the world: In Canada the CTC and in Australia the ATC. The main purpose of these organisations was to pump out at much propaganda n to the mainstream media as possible.

LTTE membership form written in hand

Dr Sam Pari is a signed LTTE member who fronted the media pretending to be nothing more than a concerned independent Sri Lanka Tamil expert. She was given soft interviews on all the prominent television channels and radio programs selling the LTTE mantra of genocide. Dr Pari was interviewed on media networks as far away as Aljazeera to talk about how the was affecting the Tamil population. Even the ABC Drum website has several articles written by Dr Sam Pari. Throughout the litany of interviews, Dr Pari has never declared her membership of the LTTE. Nor has she ever been questioned about it?


Map of Eelam right, LTTE Supreme leader left, Dr Sam Pari centre.

New Moves to list the ATC as a terrorist organisation

For an organisation that could be used to assist the Tamil community in Australia, the ATC spend most of its income on PR. According to their own financial report, most of the ATC’s income was spent on PR schemes to promote its image in the community. How any community organisation can ethically justify this kind of wasteful expenditure is beyond comprehension. Yet from an unethical viewpoint it can be seen as little more than another LTTE PR front.


In the last few days the Australian Tamil Congress was listed among 16 organisations as being terrorist supporters. Meaning that under United Nations Security Council Resolution 13-73 the assets of people, groups and entities, can be frozen if they’re believed on reasonable grounds to be committing, attempting to commit, facilitating or participating, in the commission of acts of terrorism.



The 16 groups were listed by the Sri Lankan government as terror organisations after equipment and funds were confiscated and linked to foreign networks. Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to Australia, Admiral Samarasinghe confirmed the Australian Tamil Congress is on the list.


For the ATC this is a terrible blow to their credibility and may actually lead to criminal prosecution.


Dr Sam Pari made the following statement after hearing the news:


“The Australian Tamil Congress believes that this is knee jerk reaction by the Sri Lankan Government in response to the successfully adopted United Nations Human Rights Council resolution on Sri Lanka, which was passed last Thursday the 27th of March.”






Far from being a knee-jerk reaction the move to declare the 16 organisations have had a long and deep relationship with the LTTE. Even after 5 years the ATC, BTF and GTF are still pumping out war-grade propaganda. What they do next is anyone’s guess. As far as the Government of Sri Lanka is concerned the message could not be clearer: the days of treating LTTE Front organisation with kid gloves are over.


Attachment 1:

This diagram shows the relationship between the LTTE and public critics of Sri Lanka (Draft only). This chart has a mainly Australian focus but does show that the GTF (Global Tamil Forum) and ATC (Australian Tamils Congress) are central figures in the PR campaigns.


Attachment 2:

This chart shows the personal connections of the Sri Lankan critics with each other and external organizations (draft only). Red lines indicate direct membership with the LTTE has been established




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