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New Publication by My Apologetics

May 10, 2014

Illuminiods: As the Gods would have it 

[Kindle Edition] Available through Amazon



Product Description

They had been called in at short notice to guard her.

Everyone was afraid of what she could do. So why did Grant find it so hard to believe that she was dangerous? Her name was Sara and she was young, angry and beautiful. How could this apparently innocent and wild girl be the most dangerous person ever? Or was she keeping a dark secret of an impending disaster that would consume this city? Grant was warned that if could not keep her safe that he must kill her.

So begins the relationship of the captive and her guard in a world where no one can be trusted. It is a race against time as they play hide and seek with the outside world, a cult leader called Creon and a mysterious event called Illumination. The Illuminiods are calling and Sara can feel their power.

Can Grant choose between his ruthless duty and his desire to protect Sara.

His team is divided. The police are ready to hunt him down like an animal if he fails. The government is willing to do anything in her power to stop Sara from escaping. Creon wants his powerful disciple back. And the hidden force known as the Illuminiods are becoming impatient.

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