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Church abuse inquiry rejects claims of ‘obsessed’ detective Peter Fox

May 30, 2014

This is a bombshell from Hell.

The very person who triggered the Royal Commission into child abuse has been found by the same commission to be “an unsatisfactory witness who gave untruthful evidence about both his employer and the Catholic Church”.

“The commission formed the view that Fox had developed what amounted to an obsession about both the Catholic Church and alleged conspiracies involving senior police,”

The detective’s claim that a “Catholic Mafia” existed within NSW Police was “wholly unfounded”.

Other parts of his evidence given before the commission were “implausible” and “deliberately untruthful”,

“The commission formed the view that there was no basis for Fox’s assertions of collusion, concealment and lack of assistance on the part of the aforementioned clergy,”

Editorial Comment:

We live in strange times if a person can be so warped and still trigger a Royal Commission.

Here is the original interview given to ABC Lateline by Peter Fox.  Unfortunately, this testimony is now discredited. as being a false account:



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