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Dr Philip Nitschke shows his dark and deadly ambitions

July 7, 2014

Few people in Australia are as belligerent and single-minded about killing people than Dr Philip Nitschke.  For more than twenty years the doctor with the worst fashion sense in the country has been trying to legalise euthanasia in Australia.

Through his organisation ‘Exit’ and ‘Exit International’ Dr Nitschke has been demanding changes to the laws of euthanasia.  Not satisfied with lobbying and activism the doctor has also been busy inventing suicide machines and producing instruction manuals on how to commit suicide.  In terms of infamy Dr Nitschke  is Australia’s equivalent of Dr Kervorkian and has also earned the same honour of being called ‘Dr Death’.

For years Dr Nitschke has claimed that the only people he wanted to give the opportunity to be euthanised would be terminal patient in extreme pain.  The kind of people who he claimed were going to die anyway and were needlessly suffering. Unfortunately, this has not always been the truth as a number of people that Dr Nitschke claims to have helped were in no way terminal.  Nancy Crick is a clear example of person who was cancer free and was euthanised anyway.

In recent days Dr Philip Nitschke has been involved with the death of another healthy person,  Nigel Brayley, who decided kill themselves.  Mr Brayley had decided to commit suicide after his wife’s death and started to contact Dr Nitschke via email.  He was later found dead with the suicide drug Nembutal in his system.

Dr Nitschke has described Mr Brayley’s death as a ‘rational’ decision to end his life.


The mental health organisation called The Black Dog Institute is scathing of Dr Nitschke’s callousness.

Dr Barnes from the Institute says she is “absolutely horrified and appalled” that Dr Nitschke did not recommend counselling and added:

“I think this gentleman, from my reading, was suffering from most likely a clinical depression and he had an opportunity to be directed towards help and wasn’t done so,”

Western Australia’s Mental Health Commissioner Tim Marney is also critical of Dr Nitschke’s attitude stating:

“The contemplation of suicide is not a rational contemplation,”

Psychiatrist Dr Chris Ryan slammed Dr Nitschke for using email to assess Mr Brayley’s situation saying that it would be:

“almost impossible to make that sort of assessment over email”.

Nigel Brayley was just 45 years old.

Earlier this year a 25 year old, Mr Waterman, also committed suicide after downloading Dr Nitschke’s euthanasia handbook.


Editorial Comment:

Clearly, when the culture of death takes hold there is no turning back.  Exit International and its head Dr Nitschke have shown themselves to be criminally irresponsible.  They have treated human life as if it is a disposable commodity.

Currently, there is a push by the Australian Greens to legalise euthanasia for the terminally ill.  This was precisely the same request that Dr Nitschke made some years ago.  It is amazing how Dr Nitschke’s attitude evolved into one that supports almost any so-called ‘rational’ decision to commit suicide.



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