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Asylum Seeker Boat from Sri Lanka had 37 Sinhalese and only 4 Tamils

July 8, 2014


Who is going to fall for this sick joke?


41 Sri Lankan asylum seekers hopped on a boat and set sail for Australia.  Unfortunately for them, the boat was intercepted and all were handed over to the Sri Lankan navy to be returned home.  By the 8th of July 2014, they were in front of the Galle Magistrates Court and were all granted bail.

For days there have been howls in the media by asylum activists and advocates that accused Australia of sending boat people back to be tortured and killed.  Some claimed that Sri Lanka is hell hole where white vans roam the country picking up Tamils all the time.  Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser even compared Sri Lanka to Nazi Germany.   Everyone who had limited to no knowledge about Sri Lanka had an opinion.

Yet there was an important revelation to come:

37 passengers of the 41 on board were in fact from the Sinhalese majority and only 4 were Tamil.  That’s right only 4 out 41.

Even the most naive and blinded asylum activist would have to admit that this could not be a clear cut case of refuge.  No one has made the claim that the Sinhalese are being persecuted.  Instead, asylum advocates have focused upon the narrative of claiming that Tamils are being oppressed by the so-called ‘racist’ Sinhalese majority.  Yet here we have what is effectively a boat full of ethnic Sinhalese seeking asylum in Australia.

Outside the Galle courthouse, two of the asylum seekers admitted the real reason for their journey:

“I went [to] Australia to find employment and then settle and bring my wife and family.”

Said asylum seeker, Anthony Fernando.

Another man called Punchi Banda Podinilame, was quoted as saying, that he had gone to Australia to seek employment.

Far from proving any need for their refugee claims, both these men have shown themselves to be nothing more than economic migrants.


Editorial Comment:

Having spent quite an amount of time in Sri Lanka I can understand why some people (regardless of their ethnic origin) would be keen to migrate to Australia for a better quality of life.  However, this does not make them genuine refugees.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that they are eligible, let alone deserving enough, for refugee status.



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  1. candydman permalink
    July 9, 2014 3:38 pm

    Another aspect of this misuse of the term “asylum seeker” by the media, human rights business and the extreme left is that it trivialises the cases of genuine asylum seekers. This is because the public will now tend to believe that all asylum seekers are equally bogus. The former Australian premier Malcolm Fraser with his remarks comparing Sri Lanka to Nazi Germany shows that he’s an even bigger fool than Bruce Haigh, and Haigh takes some beating on the foolishness continuum!


    • July 9, 2014 3:54 pm


      Thanks for your comments,

      I absolutely agree that this current batch of people human rights activists and lawyers have acted disreputably. It seems that clambering for the moral high ground is their only concern. As for Malcom Fraser? He is becoming the very model of an inner city socialist in his old age. It is all about the heart strings not the facts.


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