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The AMA suspends Dr Nitschke’s medical license – Dr Death told to take a break

July 24, 2014

The AMA suspends Dr Nitschke’s medical license – Dr Death told to take a break

Dr Nitschke seems to think that he is some kind of hero in drama after the AMA (Australian Medical Association) declares that he presents a serious risk to public health and safety.

In a damning condemnation of his behaviour the AMA has moved to suspend the medical license of the notorious euthanasia activist after a health person committed suicide.

WA branch vice-president of the AMA Dr Andrew Miller faced the press to explain the decision:

“The board has found that Nitschke presents a serious risk to public health and safety, and we believe that the decision to suspend him is an appropriate one,”


“The actions of Nitschke have caused considerable concern and anguish amongst WA medical practitioners, who believe that Nitschke should have used his position as a medical professional to provide Mr Brayley with the necessary support.

“Nitschke has failed in his duty as doctor. Mr Brayley should have been referred for mental health assessment and support as soon as Nitschke was in contact with him…

“Our profession is relieved to be rid of him and wish to assure the community that we will always help those with treatable illnesses to recover and live.”


In response, Dr Nitschke has launched a PR assault in the media to protest the suspension.

Writing on Exit International website Dr Nitschke making wild claims such as:

“It’s clear to me that Medical Board has conducted a trial by media which goes against the rule of law and Australian democracy as we know it”

“This is a political de-registration, brought on by a fundamental difference in beliefs.”

Later the suspended Dr called into the 2gb Radio station in Sydney to protest his innocence and claim that had never consulted Mr Brayley and would be appealing the suspension. He also claimed that Mr Brayley was linked to the possible murders of several of his previous wives.


Editorial Comment:

The now suspended Dr Nitschke appears to be in full panic mode. For years he has been running suicide workshops, produced a how-to guide on suicide and designed numerous suicide devices.

In a sane world, Dr Nitschke would be considered mad or bad. Perhaps both.

The man has absolutely no regard for human life.

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