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Acts of Terrorism: Clearly the Western World still has a lot to learn

August 25, 2014

Acts of Terrorism: Clearly the Western World still has a lot to learn

With the beheading of the journalist James Foley by an IS (Islamic State also know as ISIS or ISIL) terrorist certain individuals of the media have gone into hypocritical overdrive. It was a brutal act of raw savagery where an unarmed civilian was made kneel before the camera so that a masked terrorist could cut his head off with a knife. The video was posted on the Internet with claims that it in retaliation to US government action to prevent IS from slaughtering thousands of civilians.

Several days earlier we saw images of a young Australian child of a terrorist proudly holding up the severed head. It was front page news that, despite being blurred out, horrified the world. How could any father be so cruel as to subject their own child to this kind of brutality?

Stories of executions of civilians and ethnic cleansing have been coming from Iraq and Syria read like the dark ages have been reimaged: mass executions of Christians, beheading of children and even crucifixions. Reports coming from the city of Mosel in Iraq say that almost all the Christian have fled in fear. IS had already stated that anyone who wanted to stay had only three choices: convert to Islam, pay an unspecified non-believer tax or die.

As shocking as the images may be there is a tendency within the certain sectors of the media to downplay the attrition or to draw moral equivalency arguments from almost nowhere.

For example news cartoonist Leunig published a condescending cartoon aimed at diminishing the impact of James Foley’s execution.

When dealing with the child carrying around a severed head leftwing journalist Jonathon Green sent out this message to his twitter readers:

Jonathan Green @GreenJ · Aug 10

to describe the severed head shot conveys its horror. to publish it shares in its intention to shock. it’s complicit.

Jonathan Green @GreenJ · Aug 10

… further psychopathic atrocities? or did this one just fit the narrative?

 · Aug 10

for myself, i would have liked to have lived a life that never included seeing a severed head. will the Oz now comb life’s underbelly for…

‘The OZ’ referrers to ‘The Australian’ newspaper who showed a blurred out image of a child holding up a head. The same edited image also appeared on the front page of newspaper around the world. Rightly there was absolute shock from around the world, not because of the graphic nature of the image, but because of the situation that the child was placed in.

Green and Luenig are examples of the reactive mindset that some prominent figures in the media harbour. However it is far more serious with the well know Muslim leaders who boycotted the Australian Prime Minister’s ‘Counter Terrorism Law Meeting’. Some who refused to attend cited that the use of the term ‘Team Australia’ was divisive (editor: go figure).

Community spokesperson Rebecca Kay said that,

“Muslim community leaders that have signed this statement I believe will be boycotting these meetings and boycotting the meetings completely because they completely denounce the new changes to the terror laws,”.

Without help from the Muslim community, it appears that finding and weeding out radicals will be extremely difficult.

Editorial Comment:

The worst possible scenario is that radical organisations and terrorist fronts successfully infiltrate key positions in the Muslim community. This is precisely what occurred in the Tamil Diasporas when the LTTE took over temples, business and social events to raise money for their terrorist activities. The end result of their campaign of propaganda, intimidation and extortion of ordinary Tamils was the collection of over $300 million per year. In term of population, the Muslim communities are much larger and could potentially yield far greater amounts of money. It is extremely important to understand the nature of the threat before it is too late.

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