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The #illridewithyou Hoax exposed

December 19, 2014

The #illridewithyou Hoax exposed

#Iwillderidewithyou campaign because we all know that the Average Aussies are one news story away from becoming a lynch mob

Clictivism is perhaps the most shallow and narcissistic of all the activisms. When the #illridewithyou started on twitter there were still hostages being held at gunpoint in the Lindt Chocolate café in Sydney. Even before Man Monis had murdered his two innocent victims the #illridewithyou hash tag was being hailed as the great new morality that was saving thousands of Muslims from a violent backlash. Get it. Because the Australian public is so filled will bigotry and prejudice that the real victims of the raid were not the ones being held hostage and threatened but the Muslim community in Australia. Suddenly the story was all about how Australian’s were on the verge of attacking Muslim’s on the street and would do so unless something was done. The fact that this has never happened before was beside the point because a new moral high ground had been established and all at the click of ‘LIKE’ button.

Get your badges of moral superiority here

In reality, there have been no reports of any Muslim being attacked during or after the hostage crisis at the Lindt Chocolate café. Nor have there been any reports of people actually escorting scared Muslims on the trains and public transport. Just a massively overblown beat-up that spread across the media and all the way to US President Obama.  #illridewithyou click and we go from amoral no bodies to a morally elevated somebody. The whole campaign has gone so far that #illridewithyou badges are now being distributed at city railway stations in Melbourne. (I wonder what would happen if you refuse to take one). What was missing from this frenzy of Facebook, Twitter and media activity was a very clever social sleight of hand where a jihadist with a gun was now less dangerous than a revenge seeking general Australian population. Yes, we were deemed to be that primitive by the hash taggers.

What was also missing was the fact that the whole #illridewithyou was a very clumsy hoax that took hold in the alternative universe known as social media.

The original author of the #illridewithyou, University lecturer Rachael Jacobs, has admitted that she “editorialised” parts of her story.

On her Facebook page Rachael Jacobs writes:

“Confession time. In my Facebook status, I editorialised. She wasn’t sitting next to me. She was a bit away, towards the other end of the carriage,”

Later adding with regards to woman she claimed to have helped:

“She might not even be Muslim or she could have just been warm!,”

The original post by Rachael Jacobs was a very clumsy Hoax


Editorial Comment:

Who knew that the high moral ground was so slippery?

However, there are a lot of people who were falling over themselves support of Hash Tag of superior moral status.

Russell Crowe         @russellcrowe


My thoughts go out to the hostages and their families, and to the police and emergency services personnel . #lovesydney

6:24 AM – 16 Dec 2014

Julian Burnside @JulianBurnside


Australians offer to go with Muslim Australians in public places if they fear racist backlash #illridewithyou So much better than bigotry

9:01 PM – 15 Dec 2014


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