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Ex PM Paul Keating slams ABC’s Q&A. Is he right?

April 11, 2015

Ex PM Paul Keating slams ABC’s Q&A. Is he right?

This sums up the Q&A show for those that have never seen it

If I ever happen to be home on a Monday night the last thing on my agenda is to sit in front of the television and watch the Q&A program. The discussion panel talk fest hosted by Tony Jones is a poor substitute for almost anything else that I find to do on that night. It is not that I begrudge the tax paid ABC from its endless self-indulgence of giving a platform to ever self-appointed wacky sage on the planet. Nor is that I am disinterested in how the country should be run, or the big issues of our future. I am not even a fanboy of the retired Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating but I agree with his recent criticism of Q&A.

Paul Keating

Speaking a book launch function Paul Keating had this to say about the Q&A television program:

“I wouldn’t be caught dead on it,” Mr Keating said.

“If I was the prime minister I would not let federal ministers go on that program. You just wash the government through mud every time you turn up.”

Mr Keating added: “If you go on Tony Jones’s [show] you need a hip flask of mace.”


Keating went on to say that the Q&A program sometimes had reasonable panellists but often featured a “ragtag” bunch.

Wall to wall lefties wherever possible. 4 lefties to 1 conservative is the usual ratio.

The typical Q&A format. The odd one out is the person who strays from the so called “Progressive” viewpoint.

Editorial Comment:

What can I say to top that?

I do agree with his analysis of the panel based program. After watching numerous shows some years ago and speaking to people who have been in the audience I came to the conclusion that it is a waste of my time. Usually, the panel is so stacked with left wing politicians, commentators and activists that it is little more than an ambush for anyone with mainstream views. The howling, moaning and hooting from the audience put it at the same level as the Jerry Springer Show from years ago.

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