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De-radicalizing the Youth away from Terrorism

June 15, 2015

De-radicalizing the Youth away from Terrorism


As the anti-terrorism summit takes place in Australia the government is launching a campaign to de-radicalize young people away from the lure of ISIS. The intentions are good. Radical Islamic organizations are producing thousands of online propaganda videos, websites and chat sessions. The end result of this barrage of propaganda is that the Islamic State is recruiting thousands of young people from around the world to join their army of murderers. Young people, teenagers, are willingly accepting the nation that it okay to join a terrorist organization that openly boast about its systematic rapes, slavery, executions and even crucifixions.

The rapidity and ease at which young people are being seduced by such openly vulgar human rights abusers is frightening. How is it possible that the young people in an open free democracy could be so detached from reality that they openly embrace this kind of butchery? How is it that they so easily persuaded to join ISIS? What could be said to convince a young man to attack two policemen with a knife with the expressed purpose of beheading them? These questions hang heavy on our society as we seek to protect the innocent lives from destruction.

I do hold many fears about fighting terrorism. One is the most basic principle of not making it worse. My second fear is that fear of action tempt us to do nothing. Doing nothing in the face of a serious threat is terrible scenario. People will die if we fail to find an effective way to stop people joining ISIS. Not only will the radicalized youth die on the battlefields of the Middle East but many will return home having been highly trained and completely dedicated to staging terrorist actions in Australia.

Historically terrorist support organizations have set themselves up in the Diasporas hosted in western nations. As shown by the way that LTTE (Tamil Tigers) infiltrated and intimidated the Tamil communities in Canada, UK and Australia, hundreds of millions of dollars can easily be raised for war chests. Scandalously, western nations appear to have no strategy to combat the creation of front organizations that are used to extort money from local communities. The terrorist business model which has already been tested by the LTTE has the potential to be many times worse under the control of the Islamic State terrorists. Worse because the populations are much larger than the Tamil communities and the potential financial gains are much higher.

Much should be done to stem the growth of young people being radicalized. However sitting around discussion sessions trying to make people feel more included and welcomed is just playing at the edges of the problem. (This is especially difficult if Australia is suffering from demoralized view of itself.) Those that can be reached in group therapy were never going to be our primary concern. The real danger is not the people who brainwashed fanatics but rather the rational operatives who is intellectually dedicated to the Islamic State cause. These are the people who will be setting up the front organizations and financial schemes to fund the Islamic State war machine. They will also be the people who will use their thugs and cronies to intimidate the local Islamic communities in Australia and other western nations. They may never set foot on a battlefield but they will gleefully set up a system to extort as many people as they can to: buy the weapons; finance the terrorist and pay for the intelligence to plan the next terrorist attack.

I have serious doubts that any de-radicalization will convince such people to abandon their radical and deadly plans.

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