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A Vote for and or against Same Sex Marriage is better than a Decree by Activist Hacks

August 20, 2015

,A Vote for and or against Same Sex Marriage is better than a Decree by Activist Hacks


It may seem strange to some that belief in the will of the people still fits me like an old shoe. I tend to believe that in the old faith that fooling some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time is countered by being unable to fool all of the people all of the time. These beliefs may seem odd in a modern world that seems to push activist causes as if any dissenting view is forbidden. Such creeping totalitarians have been waiting in the shadows for their time to come. A time where they will dictate the laws of the land the rights of the people and what morality they must adhere to under threat legal persecutions. Such people are not unique in history. They merely repackage themselves and their agendas to disguise their true natures and desire for absolute power.

As such I always fear people who try to prevent others from having a say about the future direction of society. I fear such people because they treat those who do not fall in behind their ideologies with the contempt and derision. I fear such people because they do not care to test their grand plans against the will of the people. I fear such people because they would rather force their changes on society rather than ask the people what they want.

This is the manifesto of political correctness: it is to force change in the image of those that hold the politically correct faith (whatever that is this week).

There is no such thing as a “progressive”

There is a dangerous logical fallacy that is pumped out into media from time to time. That is the fallacy of ‘historical progressiveness’. No such thing exists. Yet we often hear about how the ‘progressives’ are changing the world and making it more progressive. We being led to believe that whatever a so called ‘progressive’ says is a natural part of social evolution that we must all accept. The people who espouse such theories do so are too embarrassed to admit that it is utopian in its essence and totalitarian in it implementation. Yet here we have the thunderous voices from the mass media predicting like some cheap sideshow soothsayer. There is no inevitability is history. Just records of where we have been. Any who claims to know the future is either deluding them self or they are a charlatan.

Why all the panic over asking the people?

There is a hysterical backlash against anyone who suggests that a plebiscite is the best way to determine whether the marriage act should be changed. Those in favour of same sex marriage want this left to the parliament to decide. Some, like Senator Penny Wong, want a binding to vote force Labour Party members to support changes to the Act. Media Journalists like Peter van Onselen have claimed that gay couples are committing suicide because of the delay in making Same Sex Marriage legal. The ABC is almost wall to wall pro-gay marriage. In fact every episode of its flagship Q&A program features a question about gay marriage. No other opinions are being sought in this wall to wall spurge of propaganda. Gay marriage is beyond activism for some and has now become an unshakeable dogma.

The preferred tactic for the pro same sex marriage dogmatists is to apply political pressure on a small group of politicians. It is much harder to single out of ridicule a whole population than it is to punish a few scared politicians. As such, the divide and conquer methodology is being used to accuse resistant politicians of being homophobic or agents of the Vatican for not supporting same sex marriage. With ever increasing media gaze it is any wonder that some politicians will yield just to get this off their agenda. Just avoid being on wrong side of propaganda blitz.

Social Nihilism as a Dogma

The questions that should be asked are being avoided out of fear of being targeted in the media as being a homophobe. The cultural shift that is shown by media outlets no longer questions any propaganda that gay lobbies spew forth. No one is asking why marriage is something that the gay activists want to get hold of. This is particularly puzzling when just a decade ago they were condemning the institution of marriage as oppressive.

The unspoken principle of the activists is that the primary morality of society needs to be erased and replaced with a new set of moral principles. Thus the primary sources of western morality is under attack and being inverted to the point where good is evil and evil is now good. I am certain that a good majority of people are well aware of this undermining of their principles by noisy activists and weak politicians. Yet they are powerless to stop the long march through their institutions. They are powerless because major social changes are happening through the courts and the parliaments without consulting them. Now the very institutions that hold society together are being redefined by a narrow group of elites.

No one knows where this change in the marriage act will lead society. Yet the relentless push by the cashed up activists is stopping for neither man nor beast.

Perhaps what they truly fear is that a plebiscite may deliver a message from society that they do not like. A vote may just expose how few people really think this same sex marriage push is as benign as it is claimed.

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