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Goth teens three times more likely to be depressed. Duh…

August 29, 2015

Goth teens three times more likely to be depressed: study

Who would have thought that joining a subculture that makes a virtue of depression wis linked to people being depressed.

To quote the story:

“Skaters” and “loners” also presented an increased risk, but not to the extent of goths, the researchers found.

“Young people who self-identified as ‘sporty’ were least likely to have depression or self-harm at age 18,” said a statement.

It was possible, the team said, that “peer contagion” within the goth subculture was responsible for the link, but it could also be that the group attracted already depressed social outcasts.

“Teenagers who are susceptible to depression or with a tendency to self-harm may be attracted to the goth subculture which is known to embrace marginalized individuals,” said co-author Rebecca Pearson from the University of Bristol in Britain.”

Editorial Comment:

Now to listen to some country and western music to push myself completely over the edge.

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