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The Great #istandwithahmed Fraud – Clockwork of Deception

September 27, 2015

The Great #istandwithahmed Fraud – Clockwork of Deception.

Well… It does look more like a bomb than a clock.

When you set out deceive people with a fake bomb it may just blow up in your face

You may have all seen the shocking headline. You may have noticed that Twitter hash tag #istandwithahmed. You have even been out raged at the injustice that had been committed. I know that Young Turks YouTube channel was all over this.

As the headlines swept around the world so did the collective outrage that a 14 year old school student was arrested for making a clock. Why would people be upset when the news was reported in this way:

Irving, Texas: Police detained a 14-year-old Muslim boy after a teacher at his North Texas high school decided that a homemade clock he proudly brought to class looked like a bomb, according to school and police officials.

On Monday, Ahmed showed the clock to his engineering teacher and then another teacher after the clock, which was in his backpack, beeped during class.

That teacher told him that it looked like a bomb, the newspaper reported.

Ahmed was later pulled from class and brought before the principal and Irving police officers for questioning.


Aside from the usual outrage from the media there has been a whole plethora of people who want to tweet the moral superiority.

Guess who want to show his support?

President Obama Verified account‏@POTUS

Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

And who else?

Hillary Clinton Verified account‏@HillaryClinton

Hillary Clinton retweeted Dallas Morning News

Assumptions and fear don’t keep us safe—they hold us back. Ahmed, stay curious and keep building.

MIT (the University) told Ahmed Mohamed that he was the ‘ideal student for their institute‘.

Google invited Ahmed as the VIP guest to their Google Science Fair.

Google Science FairVerified account‏@googlescifair

Hey Ahmed- we’re saving a seat for you at this weekend’s Google Science Fair…want to come? Bring your clock! #IStandwithAhmed

Even Mark Zuckerberg has asked Ahmed to work at Facebook as an intern.

Yet the most impressive invitation was a scholarship to NASA’s Space Camp.

The whole episode is turning Ahmed into minor celebrity and recipient of gifts, scholarship and attention.

The narrative that was run through media for days was one of an innocent 14 year old Muslim boy falling victim to Islamophobia.

Now for the Truth

  • Ahmed did bring his clock to school and show his science teacher.
  • The case that Ahmed chose to use looks very much like a miniature brief case with a cable used to keep it closed. (see the image above)
  • The clock was not invented by Ahmed but was an existing electric clock that had been removed from its case and repurposed
  • The circuit board and associated cable are all unmodified from the original design.
  • The clock required mains power to operate and would need to be plugged in and set by Ahmed for it to trigger the alarm during the English teacher’s class. The design of the ‘clock’ could easily be mistaken for a bomb.
  • Ahmed was only detained after his answers became ‘Passive Aggressive’ toward the police who saw this as a fake bomb
  • Ahmed did not request that the police talk to science teacher who initially saw the ‘clock’ device
  • The incident took place the day after 9/11

Ahmed’s own family do have a history of bazaar behaviour.

  • Ahmed’s own sister was suspended some years earlier when threatened to blow the school
  • Ahmed’s father is a strange kind of Islamic activist/ self-appointed presidential candidate for Sudan (Which is kind of strange for a country that does not hold elections)

As a result of the controversy Ahmed has been showered with gifts of electronic items.

None of this proves militancy on Ahmed’s part but it does raise the reasonable suspicion that deception has been taking place.


Even Bill Maher is caning the hoax.


Thomas Talbot on YouTube had done a breakdown of the ‘clock’. His conclusion was that construction was intentionally designed to look suspicious.



Ahmed Mohamed’s clock looks suspiciously like a bomb. Unfortunately for Ahmed his behaviour look suspiciously like attention seeking. The mainstream media had not done it job at all when it turned a fairly obscure non-event into a Twitter driven crusade. From the President of the United States to the owners of Google and Facebook a giant emotional journey has been travelled.

The sad fact is that Ahmed Mohamed suited the agenda of too many liberal voices that pounced as soon as they found a new poster child.

In this case the cries of Islamophobia have turned out to be a complete fraud.

Editorial Comment:

It looks like a damn hoax bomb to me.

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