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Why is Troy Newman Scaring so many People?

October 1, 2015

Why is Troy Newman Scaring so many People?

As I write this document US based Pro-Life activist Troy Newman is sitting in Immigration Detention at Melbourne Airport. He was expected to come to Australia on a speaking tour organised by the Right to Life Australia. His visa was cancelled by the Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton after complaints raised by, Labor MP and Emily Listed representative, Terri Butler.

In her letter of complaint Ms Butler claimed amongst other things that:

Mr Newman argues that medical professionals who participate in terminations should be executed, and compares women who seek terminations to murderers.

She also goes on to bemoan the possibility causing some kind of social disorder if he does come to Australia.

As a result Troy Newman was prevented from boarding a domestic flight between US cities. He was later able find other means of getting to his selected international departure flight and was permitted on a plane. According to Margaret Tighe of The Right to Life Newman was not prevented from boarding an international flight in the US and believed that the visa ban had been dropped. Troy’s wife, Mrs Newman, who permitted through customs is currently at the High Court trying to have the visa reinstated.

The hysterical sledging of Troy Newman has been building for days. As soon as it was known that he was coming to Australia a plethora of Pro-Abortion activists his the media pumping out the repeated line that Troy Newman was fanatic and extremist who is calling for the execution of medical practitioners. This something that Troy has rejected the accusations stating:

Any act that harms or belittles the sanctity of human life is not pro-life at all

Operation Rescue, the Pro Life organization associated with Troy Newman has tweeted this:

Operation Rescue ‏@operationrescue  21h21 hours ago

It’s sad some would falsely accuse Troy Newman of advocating violence when he saves lives while abortionists r the ones chopping babies

Needless to say the empty headed domain of Twitter has gone ballistic.

Editorial Comment

Why the fear? Why the smear campaign?

Troy Newman was the person helped exposed the Abortion Giant Planned Parenthood (PP) in a sting operation where one of its senior staff
Medical Directors’ Council President, Dr. Mary Gatte admit on video that they were selling body parts of aborted babies. The video itself shows the PP representative boasting about where they sell body parts, who buys them and how much money is involved. Currently PP is being grilled by US congressional oversight committee to explain this practice.

The scandal that Newman broke is now snowballing into a full blown crisis with the evidence indicating that Planned Parenthood has a lot more to answer for. PP receives US$500 million per year in government funding and for the first time in its history is facing defunding. Questionable practices include:

  • $14,000 a day on travel
  • $127 million in profit
  • paying Cecile Richards $520,000 plus benefits per year
  • fraud of government funding, as well as illegal acts such as committing partial-birth abortions.
  • inappropriately billing for services that were not medically necessary or not provided at all
  • duplicate billing

Ref: Alliance Defending Freedom

In terms of pain, the sting video has put so much scrutiny on Planned Parenthood that it beginning to feel it.

Ideologically aligned pro-abortion groups are fighting a desperate battle to keep a lid the Planned Parenthood scandal. The protest to block Troy Newman’s visa looks very much like part of an orchestrated smear campaign to bring down the cause of their pain. Any lie will do when the ideologues have any enemy.

With a multi-billion dollar business like Planned Parenthood this scandal looks likely to affect its bottom line. That is reason for all the controversy.

The videos that expose Planned Parenthood are quite disturbing as they show Dr. Mary Gatte haggling for the best price.


Miranda Divine of the Daily Mail newspaper has documented some of the major issues with the Planned Parenthood scandal.

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