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Are Feminazis running the Australian border Patrol?

October 3, 2015

Are Feminazis running the Australian border Patrol?

Voltaire has a point. Ban him!

Imagine a gaggle of Feminazis enters the scene and tie one of the core values of democracy to a railway track and then laugh insanely waiting for the train to run it over. In the classic melodrama, a hero comes in at the last minute and save a desperate victim (who we shall call Freedom of Speech) from a horrid death. So where was this hero in the last few days?

Certainly it was not to be found in our quivering and scared ministers for immigration Peter Dutton. He was too afraid to protect the helpless victim. Instead, he spent his time fuelling the train and having his minions ensure that it was running on time. After all, who would dare challenge the Dark Side of the Force when you see how powerful it is in: Twitter, Facebook and that halls of the government subsidised ABC Network? The Dark Side is now in control and you had better toe the line Mr Dutton, of the Ministry of Truth, Border and Mental Hygiene, or you will face the wrath of the Offendaratti Storm Troopers; the ones who hold people ransom with emotional blackmail and passive aggressive tweets.

Meanwhile in the Death Star at the local Abortion Clinic, the Feminazi collective consciousness quietly grins and congratulates itself at how it had killed Freedom of Speech. Once that is gone, nothing will stand in its way.

Editorial Comment:

When did we stop believing in this?

I think Orwell would be turning in his grave.

Freedom of speech in Australia?

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