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Troy Newman Update from his Facebook.

October 5, 2015

Troy Newman Update from his Facebook.

October 3 at 2:55am ·

Welcome to Australia: Now go to jail for three days! Friends, in a heavy-handed display of totalitarianism, the pro-abortion Immigration Minister revoked my Visa at the last minute — while I was in the air!!

When I arrived in Melbourne, they refused me entry and I was placed in solitary confinement for three days, as we scrambled for an attorney. We had reached a plea bargain after about 16 hours, but the Immigration Minister did not act in good faith, and refused to sign the deal. (pro-abort politicians always lie, no matter where you are)

So we appealed to the High Court, but it was very late on a Friday night and it was also a national holiday, Our case came before the judge and we did not win the emergency stay. But my case will be heard in about 30 days. So I choose to leave rather than continue on in jail.

As it turns out this is a very important case to take to the High Court, as Australia is becoming increasingly more intolerant of politically incorrect speech. They do not have a bill of rights, only the “implied right” for political discourse. Imagine if we had Nancy Pelosi in charge of issuing visas — that’s what they have in AU.

So we must fight! We will not relent, we will not be silent, as long as one innocent baby is scheduled to die. I’m on my way back to the States. Thank you for all your prayers, and the massive outpouring of support. I am literally overwhelmed with messages. On with the Prolife revolution!


Editorial Comment:

It seems that the Troy Newman story is not over.

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