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China ends the One Child Policy but…

October 30, 2015

China ends the One Child Policy but…

The glory of the ‘state’ telling you what to do. The ‘state’ knows best.

If people with any common sense were writing China’s history then one obvious bad policy should be highlighted as representing all that is bad with Communism. This, of course, is its totally oppressive “One Child Policy“. The One Child Policy that saw scores of women being forced to undergo abortions for simply committing the crime of getting pregnant. Since 1976 the wholesale abuse and slaughter of generations took place as the West became chummier with China. Such oppression continued with scarcely a word of condemnation from Human Rights activists and even less condemnation through the mainstream media. Why? Well, that would take all day to explain the vested interests that applaud the boom in the abortion trade to those intentionally look the other way rather than upset a trading partner.

When it comes to human rights abuses, forced abortion is pretty high on the list. If you consider the child as human, as I do, then this, is without doubt, a far greater mass slaughter than anything that can be blamed on Mao Zedong. However slaughtering innocent people and Communism are basically peas in the same pod and historically speaking: you can’t have the later without the prior.

The ‘One Child Policy’ also exposes one of the greatest failings of Communism in China. That is its failure to provide for and feed its own people. By ruthlessly adopting the ‘One Child Policy’ the Chinese rulers made it known to the world that they were such an economic failure that they could not even feed their own people.

The solution, in typical rationalist utilitarian ruthlessness, was to cull the population before it was born. Like a farm with too many calves in a season or a wildlife sanctuary with too many monkeys, they culled the human population.

With a population the size of China, the inevitable problems started to occur. Currently, male adults are vastly outnumbering women as a direct result of sex-selected abortions. It seems that in a socialist society female children are far less valuable to parents than a boy. The other crucial problem is that of the ageing population. The declining birth rate has inevitably led to many of the same issues that other nations with low birth rates are facing. Namely that they will soon have more retirees than workers who can support them.

The harshness and brutality of the ‘One Child Policy’ and its forced abortion practices led to pressure being applied to temper its policy. Officially China rejected the policy of forced abortions in the mid-1990s but unofficially the practice continued. So too did infanticide of the disabled and also of girls. The relaxation of the policy meant that couple who had a second child would face fines for having an unlawful birth.

The Big Change for 2015

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party have not so much abolished the ‘One Child Policy’ as it has changed its quota to a ‘Two Child Only Policy’. The crisis of population is now one of chronic ageing which threatens its economic stability. The panic is on and as a result, no one should be fooled into believing that China is acting humanely. Basically, it is the same policy with a different quota before the Communist Party enforcers clamp down on the illegal third child.

The charts below indicate why the Chinese Communist Party has started to panic.

The stats in the graph above must have started the panic

Images from Bloomberg based upon UN Data.

This graph indicates how China’s ‘One Child Policy’ has devastated the female population.

Editorial Comment:

By all indications, China’s Communist Regime is still addicted to telling families when are where they can procreate. This change in policy is nothing other than tinkering with their Zero Population Growth ideology. Merely replacing the hated ‘One Child Policy’ with a ‘Two Child Only Policy’ is nothing more than a quota adjustment by a regime who’s underpinning political ideology has failed. The promise that all Communist Regimes make is that they will provide and feed its own people. Any country that resorts to culling its own people in the name of economic stability has failed.

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