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Paris is Under Attack: Breaking News

November 14, 2015

Paris is Under Attack: Breaking News

14 Nov 2015

Paris is currently under siege from a series of coordinated terrorist attacks. Early reports indicate that between 40 to 60 people have been killed. Police have confirmed that over 100 hostages are being held by terrorists in theatre.

A large explosion was heard at Stade de France stadium causing 100s of people attending a football match to spill onto the field.

News agencies are conspicuously reluctant in reporting this as Islam extremism despite witness having heard the terrorist shouting “Allah Akbar”. However according to French channel BFMTV, one of the gunmen at Bataclan shouted: “It’s for Syria” and “Allah Akbar”.


11.24am ESDT

News has just come in that the French authorities are mounting an action to free the 100 hostages.


Police have confirmed that 100 people have been killed at the Concert Hall attack..

Reports are coming in that the hostage situation is now over.


The latest figures say that at least 140 have been killed since the attacks began. 100 of whom were killed at the concert hall.

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