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Negotiation Time is Over – Paris Terrorist Attack should be the Final Straw.

November 16, 2015

Negotiation Time is Over – Paris Terrorist Attack should be the Final Straw.

15 November 2015

Myths help no one

One of the greatest myths about terrorist circulating in the mass media today is that it is just a result of western actions in the Middle East. Somehow the 130 innocent victims of suicide bombers and point blank executions should trigger a more empathetic view of the terrorist’s alleged grievances. The myth elaborates that all the terrorist attacks are a direct result of the USA invasion of Iraq and we only have our own western arrogance to blame. Adding to this myth is the idea that the state of Israel is the real terrorist state whose existence is causing most of the Middle Eastern tension. The mythmakers would have us believe that: “if only the west abandoned its support for Israel and left the entire Middle East alone then none of this would ever happen.” In fact, some actually believe that every act of terrorism is justifiable retribution by a clearly oppressed people.

Reality, is often the unwelcome wake-up call for such myths. France was hit by major terrorist attacks despite the fact that it refused to participate in the US lead invasion of Iraq. For their refusal to join ‘the coalition of the willing’ France was chided and condemned by the US. The hysteria against France went so far as to have people in the US renaming “French Fries” as “Freedom Fries“. Despite the enormous pressure from President Bush, Prime Minister Bair and a whole range of editorials France stood the ground and refused to go. If invading Iraq was the catalyst of yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Paris then why did they single out the most prominent western opponent to invasion? Any such connection does not even pass the giggle test. It is that illogical. As for Israel? Finding a distant scapegoat does not explain why Paris was directly targeted.

ISIS is not a direct product of the Iraq war but a new entity that took advantage of the Arab Spring to make a grab for land and power. The tactics they used were as ruthless as anything we could image. Not only were ISIS executing everyone that they saw fit to kill but they took special delight in their cruelty: with burning people alive in cages, crucifixions, beheadings, mass rapes, dropping people from buildings, mass throat slitting and all in the name of Islam. The unstoppable wave of terror was met with little to no resistance as it took control of large areas of Syria and parts of Iraq. Anyone who dared to oppose them would be slaughtered in the cruellest method that could dream up. Genuine anger and grievances does not dream up the idea crucifying your enemies. Only bloody-minded ambition can do that. ISIS wants the world to crawl on its knees and submit to its vision of the Utopia. If you refuse to cower then they will choose what punishment that they deem as appropriate. Usually the crueller the better because they believe that will instil the greatest fear in their long list of enemies. Like the bullies and thugs that they are, violence is what they use to exert control over others.

The attack that hit Paris have shocked and outraged the world. Nothing focuses the mind than senseless cruelly being flung in our faces. The innocent people had nothing to do with the machinations of world politics or the policies of their governments when they were deliberately shot in the head, nor did those killed by a suicide bomber have any role to play in any grievances the terrorists had. They were simply targeted because they could be targeted. They were targeted as cannon fodder for a message of cruelty that warned of more terror. The terrorists were simply sending the message that they will kill your loved ones, your mother, your fathers, your sons, your daughter, your friends, even your distant acquaintances unless you obey them. The concept of fairness and freewill is as alien to them as the concept of the sanctity of human life. In fact the concept of a free conscience is an anathema to organizations like ISIS.

How do we deal with people whose mindset is so fixated upon death?

How does one negotiate with an organization that uses suicide bombers as a weapon of choice? As we should all be aware terrorism is the tactic of directly targeting civilian for political purposes. Sadly this kind of tactic will never be fully eradicated from the world. Soft targets will always exist just as heartless people exist. However we should never stand still and let the bullies and thugs have their own way. Otherwise they will find more people with their own mindset and build an army of bullies and thugs.

This is what is happening with ISIS and, as proven by the attacks in Paris, they need to be stopped. They need to be confronted and wiped off the planet. There are no conciliations or negotiations that will work with an organization whose demands are made through suicide bombers and mass executions. Peace is not their goal. Complete subjugation of the enemy and death to infidels is their gaol. They are like the hordes of Genghis Khan on the steps of Europe, pillaging, murdering and raping their way to power. They cannot be allowed to continue.

Taking ISIS apart will be no easy task and will require steely determination to achieve. Refusing to face up to this threat will only embolden the attacks and spell increased danger for ordinary civilians going about their lives. Furthermore they pose a direct threat to peaceful Muslims in western nations. If ISIS can completely infiltrate the Muslim communities in the west then a new level terror can be inflicted.

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