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The Myth that Terrorism is Invincible is Dead Wrong

November 17, 2015

The Myth that Terrorism is Invincible is Dead Wrong

17 Nov 2015

I am ceaselessly amused by the plethora of Monday experts after an act of terrorism. How many people are there who know the thoughts of the terrorists who carried out the attacks in Paris on Friday the 13th of November? If we are to believe the verbose rants on Twitter and Facebook you have to think that it was some kind of international body of terrorism experts. Whereas in reality it is a bunch excited hotheads using the Parisian tragedy to further their own political agendas. Everything from anti-immigration to anti-western sentiment is being promoted with the flimsiest of evidence as support. The emotional level is often so high that the level rational thinking is being drowned out in by the pure nonsense being espoused. Even in traditional media, like newspapers, radio and television, sane analysis has all but vanished.

It is a scary thought that in times of trouble the first refuge of society is to bury itself in the white noise of social media. It is an even scarier thought to realise that social media is now being used as an authority by the mainstream media. It is completely illogical to allow this shallow circle of confirmation bias to act as the centre of policy decision. Confirmation bias offers nothing more than the production of myths and in the case of terrorism, they can be very deadly myths.

By far the deadliest myth circulating is that terrorist organisations cannot be defeated. The myth itself is so ingrained into the psyche that few people are willing to challenge its validity. Once the myth of invincible terrorism is established people will go to extraordinary lengths to convince others that it must be true. Hence we have people playing the blame game as they look for scapegoats to take responsibility for the terrorist’s actions. “What happened decades ago; how the western nations are true oppressors; why are we only interested when the action takes place in Paris but not Africa; the terrorists were provoked by our governments.” I have seen versions of all of these condemnations throughout the media. Myths upon myths upon myths that do nothing but act as a distraction from the dangers we must now face. Many of the claims are irrelevant but many, too many, read like diversionary tactics of the unscrupulous.

The questions that need to be asked directly relates to the terrorist attack on Paris. The death of 130 people is not some plaything to be left to a bunch of hypersensitive social partisans who see it as nothing more than a PR crisis. The close to 300 injured in the shooting and suicide blasts should not become fodder for political correctness. The correct attitude is how to prevent the next series of major attacks. Everything else is secondary.

Grand Mufti of Australia

When the Grand Mufti of Australia released a statement in response the killings in Paris he had this to say:

It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed.

Get it? The Mufti wants us to treat the murderous terrorists as if they were just reacting to wicked western policies and prejudices. On face value this victim blaming suggests that if we just change those grievances and ISIS will leave us alone. Absent from the entire statement was any condemnation of terrorism and ISIS (ISIL).

Waleed Aly claims that ISIL is weak. (Most people call them ISIS)

Another person who seems to think that the west needs change is the television presenter and former head of the Islamic council of Victoria, Waleed Aly. His television appearance after the Paris attack was little more than a long and confused rant about how: “ISIL is weak.” In his factually thin video he hinted heavily that the killers in France may not even belong to ISIL. “DYI terrorism” he called it. He also claimed that “ISIL’s” strategy is to have societies in France and Australia to turn on each other. On and on he talked about how critics are helping ISIL or how has been politicians and Facebooker’s are helping ISIL’s overall strategy. We should all just come together. Despite all his sentiment Waleed failed to mention is how to stop a team of terrorists from killing vast numbers of people in Paris. Clearly Waleed, who holds esteemed positions on television and staff member of the Global Terrorism Research Centre at Monash University, does not get it. He was so busy distancing Islam from Islamic terrorism that he offered no solution to Islamic terrorism. Waleed Aly could not even bring himself to acknowledge where the problem is originating. We have a serious problem when people who purport to be terrorism experts are in complete denial.

Cuddles do not stop suicide bombers

The subtext being promoted by the Mythmakers is that anything we do to actively crush ISIS will be counterproductive. Just claiming that “ISIL is Weak” and casting doubts on their involvement in the attacks in Paris is not protecting future victims of suicide bombers. Capitulation to a line of politically correct statements will never prevent the terrorists from planning their next mass killing. ISIS has declared war on the west and no amount of passive wishful thinking or group hugs is going to convert them to peace. The Islamic State needs to be confronted and eliminated.

Why do I make this judgement? Having studied the civil war in Sri Lanka for the last 25 years I have seen much of what passes as commentary today. ISIS is a terrorist organisation just the LTTE were a formidable terrorist organisation. Both terrorised the civilian populations; both use suicide bombers; both have been labelled as invincible. In terms of size, power and sophistication the LTTE make ISIS look like a pack of amateurs. In the span of a decade, the LTTE had built an international support network the likes the world had never seen. The LTTE built their terrorist support network under the noses of western authorities and often with the moral support of western politicians. It will not take long for ISIS to start constructing a similarly sophisticated support network for the own terrorist activities.

The attack in Paris proves one thing: That the people who did this action had very good support, training, intelligence and access to weaponry. This was not some mere Do it Yourself (DYI) terrorist action. These were major players in the terrorism world. If not ISIS, as Waleed Aly would have us believe, then who else is big enough to do this?

The comparison to the LTTE is relevant because they were defeated only after the nation of Sri Lanka became so fed up with the constant terrorism that they did something about it. It took 25 years and over 80,000 lives to get to that stage. Let’s hope the west is not that slow.

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