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Left Wing Lunacy is rife in the Safe Schools Farce

February 24, 2016

Left Wing Lunacy is rife in the Safe Schools Farce

Safe Schools? Brainwashing dressed up as an Anti-Bullying Program

When the warped elitists want social change they use the education system to enforce it. Often condescending in their attitude and sneering toward the common people, they blindly believe that they know best. Regardless of how many people may reject their crazy ideas, they make every effort to bulldoze their agenda through.

Why the education system you may ask? Because the education system has access to the minds of the most malleable people due to their immaturity and lack of life experience. Young people so eager to learn, get good marks or just please their teachers are often unaware of the subtle and unscrupulous techniques that radicals used to manipulate them. This is no more obvious than with the introduction of the Safe School Program that is being forced into schools across.

With no regard for the wishes of parents and total contempt for the values that they may hold the Safe Schools Program is Trojan horse of hardcore LGBT propaganda. So hardcore is the propaganda that it has caused thousands of people to sign a petition to stop it.

What are the parents concerned about?

The Safe Schools Programme is dressed as an anti-bullying programme when in fact it is indoctrination for a range of LGBT lobbies.

According to the Safe Schools Coalition:

Support is growing for Safe Schools Coalition Australia, with organisations, government ministers and high profile individuals committed to creating safe and inclusive schools, free from homophobic and transphobic bullying.

The actual supporters are a list of gay and lesbian activists, left wing unions, university boards, abortion providers and government bodies: (See the list)

Logo Organisation Name State/
Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) National
Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO) National
Australian Education Union National
Beyondblue National
headspace National
Foundation for Young Australians National
CPSU National
National LGBTI Health Alliance National
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations National
YEAH National
Project Rockit National
The Pinnacle Foundation National
Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT ACT
University of Canberra ACT

Belconnen Community Services 

AIDS Action Council ACT
Youth Coalition of the ACT ACT
PFLAG Capital Region ACT
Family Planning NSW NSW
Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby NSW NSW
Mental Health Commission NSW
Macquarie University NSW
Regional Youth Support Services (RYSS) – Central Coast NSW
Youth Health Promotion,
Northern Sydney Local Health District
Western Sydney University NSW
Shoalhaven City Council NSW
Youth Action NSW
Forbes Shire Council NSW
NSW Teachers Federation NSW
Top Blokes Foundation NSW
Charles Sturt University NSW
AlburyCity Council NSW
Team Sydney NSW
Australian Education Union – NT NT
Family Planning Welfare Association NT
Northern Territory AIDS and
Hepatitis Council
Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission NT
PFLAG QLD: Brisbane, Ipswich, Capricornia, Cairns, Caboolture, Gold Coast, Mt Isa & Sunshine Coast QLD
Relationships Australia QLD
true – Relationships and Reproductive Health QLD
Queensland Teachers’ Union QLD
Open Doors Youth Service QLD
P&Cs Qld QLD
Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland QLD
Wesley Mission Brisbane QLD
Australian Transgender Support Association QLD QLD
Brisbane LGBTIQ Action Group QLD
The Queensland AIDS Council Qld
Young People Ahead Youth & Community Services Inc. QLD
LGBTI Legal Service Inc. QLD
Association of Women Educators QLD
Connected Self SA
Gay & Lesbian Health Alliance of SA (GLHA SA) SA
Working It Out TAS
A Fairer World TAS
Family Planning Tasmania TAS
La Trobe University VIC
Minus18 VIC
Australian Education Union – Victoria VIC
Gateway Health VIC
Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission VIC
WorkingOUT, SensWide Employment VIC
TransGender Victoria VIC
Family Planning Victoria VIC
Frankston City Council VIC
Mornington Peninsula Shire VIC
Swan Hill District Health VIC
Macedon Ranges Health VIC
Youth Support + Advocacy Service VIC
UnitingCare West, True Colours WA
Room 226, LampInc. WA
State Schools Teachers Union of WA WA
Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association (WASSEA) WA
Edith Cowan University WA
Relationships Australia WA
Freedom Centre WA WA
South West VETlink Inc WA
Investing In Our Youth Inc. WA
South West Women’s Health & Information Centre WA
South West Institute of Technology WA
Curtin University WA
Sexual & Reproductive Health Western Australia WA
Youth Affairs Council Western Australians WA
Living Proud WA

Any logical reader of the list would see overwhelming evidence of a fanatical activist campaign being forced into the school system. There is little effort to even disguise the agenda being pushed and who is pushing that agenda. The purpose of this campaign is to indoctrinate the next generation into accepting anything that this collective of activist’s claims is normal.

If there is any doubt about the agenda being pushed you can read the resources page for more information.

Titles include:

Safe Schools Do Better

This is our introductory guide to supporting gender diversity, intersex and sexual diversity in…

Guide to Hosting Inclusive School Formals

Use this resource to make sure that your school formal, deb, dance or any event is inclusive for…

Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School

A step by step guide for schools supporting transgender and gender diverse students

Stand Out

Want to lead change in your school? A young person’s guide to Standing Out is the perfect..

OMG I’m Queer

Created by young people, OMG I’m Queer talks sexuality and gender identity.

OMG My Friend’s Queer

Having a friend come out to you doesn’t have to be an “OMG” thing.

Within the ‘Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School’ we have this advice:

Toilets and changing rooms.

As part of the written plan, confirm the toilets, changing rooms, showers, and swimming facilities based on the student’s gender identity and the facilities they will feel most comfortable using


Confirm the appropriate uniform that matches the gender identity of the student and adheres to our school dress or uniform code

In other words, if a boy suddenly decides that he is a girl then he has access to the girls change room, toilet, showers and uniforms.

More advice includes participating in the ‘International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia’:

Tweet what your school would like to do to mark IDAHOT this year using #bebetter

The activist protest day is in May 2016

Many parents have woken up to what is being unscrupulously forced upon their children without their consent. Few have, if any, have been given the chance to make an informed decision as to whether they would be allowed to withdraw from participating in the programme. How many parents, knowing that this was dreamed up in the propaganda dens of left wing unions, gay and LGBT activists, would ever support such a programme? We have to remember that the Safe Schools programme is aimed at a child as young as year 7 (perhaps even younger). It is clearly designed to ram home a message regardless of the parent’s wishes, principles, and morals and, in many cases, without them even knowing what was happening.

Further issues with the programme include what happens if a student does not wish to be associated with it. What happens if the parent refuses the child to participate? Would this child be socially punished and bullied for not agreeing with enforced group-think? These questions remain dangerously unanswered because human nature may favour crucifying the conscientious objector.

A suspicious parent may reasonably believe that the Safe Schools programme is nothing more than a brainwashing and recruitment exercise aimed at increasing LGBT numbers via impressionable school children. With the ferocity at which the programme is being enforced these fears may seem very real to many parents. And who is to say that this is not what is happening?

Political Pressure:

The online protest has secured more than 9,000 replies before it was tabled in the Federal Parliament. As a result, there has been a flurry of politicians and media pundits who have been quick to condemn anyone who dares question the Safe Schools programme.

In an interview on the ABC TV Drum program, Senator Eric Abetz was besieged by left wingers who took umbrage at his criticisms. See the video:

As far back as November 2014, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) had said that the then Victorian Government opposition leader (now Premier) Dan Andrews was planning to force the Safe Schools programme on all government schools.

The ACL highlighted in July 2015 that there is a section called “Doing It” which they claim is designed to corrupt the minds of children.

The section penned by an LGBTI activist Alice Chesworth says:

“It may come as a surprise, but there is no strict definition for virginity, especially if you’re queer,”

“Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex, and certainly not the ultimate sex. If you ask me, virginity is whatever you think it is.”

The issue has flared up as Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten threw his full support behind the Safe Schools programme. He condemned the government for having an enquiry into the $8 million government-funded programme. Bill Shorten condemning those who oppose the Safe School programme as a ridiculous obsession the Liberal Party’s ‘right-wing’. At the time of his media interview, Senator Cory Bernardi hit back calling Shorten a fraud.

Shorten responded by calling Senator Bernardi a homophobe.


For many people, the Safe School programme appears to anything but safe and looks to be set up with the express purpose of corrupting children. Whether enquiry kills the funding for what is an activist cash cow is yet to be seen. However the question of why $8 million was even set aside for this propaganda blitz still needs to be explained. After all, it is our taxes that are being used to run this programme.

Editorial Comment:

“That would be the chap,” the opposition leader said as he pointed to Senator Cory Bernardi walking down the hallway.

Senator Bernardi hit back, calling Mr Shorten a “fraud” and added: “At least I’m honest”.

Mr Shorten responded: “No, mate. At least I’m not a homophobe.”

Let me guess how this public debate is going to play out in the media. Anyone who refuses to obey Big Brother and accept the Safe School indoctrination will be condemned as a ‘Homophobe’ by Bill Shorten. Classy.

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