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The Charlie Hebdo Delusion. Scared to Blame the Real Culprit

March 1, 2016

The Charlie Hebdo Delusion. Scared to Blame the Real Culprit

One Year on  from the attack that wiped out its staff and Charlie is still cluelessly adhering to its deeply held prejudices.

In the scale of things, the Charlie Hebdo magazine (some may describe it as a rag) was a pimple on a pimple on the backside of the world.  It was just some tiny publication in France that catered to those that love toilet humour about religions and their followers.  Had it not been for their reprinting of the Prophet Mohammad series of cartoons then they would have remained an obscure publication for people who love wallowing in offensive material.

After Charlie Hebdo printed the cartoons of the Prophet there absolutely no threat to the safety of its staff.  Where every other religion that had been insulted by Charlie Hebdo complained but did nothing, fanatical Islamists made death threats.

It did take long before the staff of the magazine were seeing those threats coming to fruition:

12 killed and 11 injured when Islamic terrorist attacked the magazine’s head office in Paris.

The social reaction to the mass murders was as furious as it was vocal.

Street protests, signs saying ‘we are Charlie’, television interviews, furious blogging, twittering and Facebook posting.  All in the name of free speech.

After some time it all faded away and the finger of blame stopped pointing at the guilty.  It didn’t take before the magazine announced that would no longer be publishing pictures that depict the Prophet Mohammad. it was just too dangerous to do so.

One year on from deadly attack and Charlie Hebdo is still an anti-religious magazine.  However instead of facing up to the reality of who actually attacked them, they blame all religions instead.

Rebel Media illustrate the moral blindness in the video below.

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