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Give it up Peter FitzSimons. The Witch Hunt failed. Cardinal Pell to stay on.

March 6, 2016

Give it up Peter FitzSimons. The Witch Hunt failed. Cardinal Pell to stay on.

Peter FitzSimons with his Red Bandana. “ARRRR…I’m a Pirate”

After 4 days of interrogation of Cardinal Pell by the Royal Commission in to Institutional Child Abuse most people have realised that there is no smoking gun, no big reveal and no new and shocking evidence. The entourage of abuse ‘survivors’ (as they prefer to be called) even agreed to meet privately with Cardinal after his testimony was completed and talk about how they were all moving ahead positively. The anticipated sacking of Pell turned out to be nothing more than a fantasy held by his most venomous critics. Some who had hoped that the Pope would remove Pell by force were faced with a statement from the Vatican that praised Pell’s performance under heavy cross examination.

Cardinal Pell must be accorded the appropriate acknowledgement for his dignified and coherent personal testimony (twenty hours of dialogue with the Royal Commission…

For an institute whose official statements are usually restrained this was about as high as praise as you can get.

The smarter critics of George Pell have made themselves conspicuous with their lack of condemnation. They had thrown everything they could at Pell including dubious leaks from the police, old disproven accusations, hardened critics, editorials baying for blood, criticism of his personality and even song calling him ‘scum’ and a ‘coward’. In terms of character assassination, this was one the most intense ever seen in Australian history, and it still failed to remove Cardinal Pell from office. So having fired off all their big guns at once many of his critics are now left unarmed in the face of reality. They really did not have anything to back up their wild conspiracy theories and personal abuse. Any campaign strategist would know that it was time step back and be quiet for some time.

Not so for the one who wears a red bandana in his official online photo. (Who does that outside of a costume party?) He still believes that he can take Cardinal Pell’s head home as a trophy. I an editorial called: Cardinal George Pell is finished whatever way you look at it our man FitzSimons is under the impression that only fools still support or believe Pell’s testimony.

there is still a scattered band of supporters who refuse to accept the obvious: it is over, and he is finished

Really? In what way is he finished? The Pope did not sack him; the police did not charge him; the Vatican praised his testimony, the abuse survivors in Rome still want to talk to him and he is not about to resign.

Ever the pop psychologist the Red Bandana Fitzsimons says he knows what the root cause of the paedophilia:

For centuries it has made the sexual starvation of its employees a specific condition of their employment, even while placing many of them around vulnerable children.

Actually the time scale is millennia, but who is counting. This statement by FitzSimons says more about his own prejudices than it does about the actual problem of paedophilia. In his universe all priest are now ticking time bombs of sexual repression ready to attack children. This, of course, ignores the reality of the situation where married people with children have been paedophiles. Nor is he willing to take into account how every institution, whether it be secular and non-secular have had the same problems with abuses.

The quickly snapped off editorial by Peter FitzSimons seems to have been directly aimed the conservative journalist and head of The Sydney Institute Gerard Henderson.

Henderson wrote a letter to FitzSimons questioning his Twitter outrage over a false report in the news:

The letter by Henderson, published on his Media Watch Dog website, was never responded to and instead the public are subjected to FitzSimons tantrum about who was meant to call the police etc:

Now, who still defends it? Yes, yes, yes, but apart from you, I mean, Gerard.

Henderson’s letter highlights the double standards used by FitzSimons when he wrote about a paedophile at Knox Gramma in 2015.

Gerard Henderson note:

You went on to state that you did not have a clue about what went on at the all- male Knox Grammar School in the 1980s and 1990s after you had left school. But you had a kind word to say about the principal at the time — a certain Dr Ian Paterson — who on the available evidence failed to report male pedophile teachers to police over many years. :

… the Dr Paterson I knew, was a very strong disciplinarian, a fine educator, and he ran a very tight ship. If true, there is tragic irony in it. Dr Paterson was always insistent that the reputation of the school was paramount, and we were ambassadors at large for the school. And yet, if these allegations are proven, it seems likely that it was that same devotion to preserving reputation that saw pedophile teachers protected from the immediate prosecution they deserved.

So rather than replying to Henderson, our man FitzSimons doubles down and snipes from the safety of his paper column. Some may say that it is cowardly to do so but when a grown man is willing to dress like a pirate then he must have some courage.

Editorial Comment:

FitzSimons, in my opinion, is a piker in the scale of things. Not big enough to be taken seriously but big enough to feed damaging gossip into the media. It seems that the article in question was written by FitzSimons to snarl back at Henderson and to once again attack one of his most hated enemies. If you look inside his head you may just see Gerard Henderson sitting there, rent free.

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  1. bernieh permalink
    March 6, 2016 4:51 pm

    That last sentence really made me chortle!


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