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Sri Lankan president claims: No allegations of war crimes

April 25, 2016

Al Jazeera interviw with President Sirisena  of Sri Lanka.

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  1. May 23, 2016 4:50 pm

    Dear Damo,

    You might be thrilled to hear that Ruby Soho is on Twitter as Ruby and someone else.

    I thought I’d share this tweet with you.

    TDMc @ikon_87
    Good to see @The_Odd_Asylum released from Gaol… Was worried you’d ‘gone postal’ dude. Thankfully you can suck Damo off once more!

    That’s Ruby’s false account. Where she can’t say what she’d like to say to you and me about why she despises us because she’s an angry Muslim woman without a clitoris.

    When a woman has no clitoris? She can’t derive any pleasure from sex. She gets angry. And instead of saying Islam is evil? She takes it out on people who know Islam is evil.

    Say hello to your wife. Live a blessed life.



    • May 23, 2016 9:55 pm

      Thanks for your comments.

      I occasionally see the missives of Ruby Soho coming through the Pravda’s of the western media (The Drum & The Age) but I find her easy to ignore. There are dozens of people who are clones like her. All anger and no substance.

      False accounts are usually created by people who lack the courage of their convictions.

      I am seeing a huge fight all over the Internet between different camps of angry people who are turning on each other. Look up SJW or Gamergate and you’ll all sorts mental disorders pretending to be higher thinking. So much energy being lost on so many things of such little importance. How do people find the time to fight on line these days? I am too busy.


  2. May 23, 2016 4:55 pm

    How pathetic these people from Orble are.

    We left before the gays took over.

    May straight missionary sex reign supreme.

    Let’s have more babies.


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