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Is Safe School’s the Castration of the Nation?

May 24, 2016

Is Safe School’s the Castration of the Nation?

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You have to give credit where credit is due. The Cultural and Economic Marxists are playing the long game in deconstructing the pillars of society.  One by one they have been chipping away in a slow but determined progress toward their end game of a Socialist Utopia for all.  They know with absolute certainty who their enemies are and they believe that they also know how to take them down.  Everything and everyone who stands in their way will eventually be targeted by this movement until there is nothing left.

War on ‘Bourgeois Morality’

Karl Marx had pinpointed 3 enemies for his Utopia.  The obvious was capitalism which he claimed had created the delusion of private property. Religion was also targeted because it pointed to non-material goals in life.  The third enemy was the traditional family (the term nuclear family had not been coined yet), which he saw as nothing but an artificial model designed to keep Capitalism in power.  In the Marxist universe, the removal of Capitalism, Religion and the Traditional Family were crucial to his success.  To those that like to own the clothes on their backs, pray and love their family this Utopia looks more like a hell on Earth than paradise.  It is important to remember that where ever you find theoretical Marxists you will find the same incessant hatred of Capitalism, Religion and the Family Unit.

Marx wrote of the Abolition [Aufhebung] of the family as if it was a desirable outcome of the Communist Revolution.  As a result of this contempt for traditional families the legacy of his ideology had been repeated attempts by Marxist and even some Socialists to attack everything that it stands for.

In the early days after the Russian Revolution large communal residences were created  where children didi not belong to any particular parents.  Instead they were being raised by the state and shared out as if everyone in the village had an equal share in their parenthood.  Concepts of monogamy and sexual morality were suspended in these communes where no one had a wife or husband and homosexuality was permissible.  This could perhaps be called the first of the hippy communes, despite how few survived the first two decades after the revolution.  While new believers in the revolution threw away any pretence of bourgeois morality  Lenin had already commence the first purges and mass execution of political enemies.  Trotsky, who controlled the Red Army, was just as busy burning churches and executing clergy.  As for Stalin?  That loyal friend to Lenin?  He was waiting for his time to take over.

‘Bourgeois Morality’ to the Rescue

Despite being a monster Stalin knew the limits of his power.  He knew that he could not unite a nation with an iron fist alone.  Without the compliance of the people Russia would be easily be defeated by any external enemy. When Hitler turned to invade Russia it was time to face reality.  The first and most important rediscovery was the ‘bourgeois morality’ and the notion of the ‘Traditional Family’ as being key to the nations survival.  Despite the fact that Communism is an internationalist ideology and does not believe in nations a new nationalist movement designed to stir up patriotic loyalty to ‘Mother Russia’. Stalin died in the 1950’s but his reintroduction of ‘bourgeois morality’ survived long after he was dead.  Even in its last years of existance the Soviet Union biggest criticism of the west was its moral decline.  We were always condemned as the ‘Decadent West’.  There is no question, Marxist ideology is a mother of hypocrisy.

(Editorial note: there is much more to this history but I think you get the ideal)

The Revolution is going in the minds of some

‘Bourgeois Morality’ is incompatible with pure Marxist ideology.  Even amongst the soft Marxists, socialists and social justice warriors (SJWs) there is seething hatred of any kind of traditional morality.  The concept of the nuclear family is seen as undesirable.  At the centre of this hate is the desire to see all traditional morality replaced with their own set of moral standards.

For example, the organiser of the Safe Schools program, Roz Ward, also spoke at ‘Rise of Marxism’ events claiming that the program is part of a Marxist revolution.

Marxism offers the hope and the strategy needed to create a world where human sexuality, gender and how we relate to our bodies can blossom in extraordinarily new and amazing ways that we can only try to imagine today.

In this we can see echoes of the early days after the Russian Revolution where morality has no place because it stands between the revolutionary and their ultimate goal.  The new morality of the imagined post-revolution state would be to abolish all links between parents and children.  The other revolutionary goal is to break any distinction between biological reality and imagination. The desire to educate and indoctrinate the next generation of children into this delusion is something that the best propagandists of the Soviet Union would envy.  Mentally it is an attempt to psychologically castrate every child and encourage them to make believe that they can be something that they are not.

So-called ‘Bourgeois Morality’ may be hated by modern Marxists and SJWs but as post-Russian revolutionary history proves, it necessary for survival.

Editorial Comment:

These are our children who the state are demanding to indoctrinate.  Who is going to defend their own child from this poisonous ideology?

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