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Radical Marxist Devient Roz Ward Resigns from Government Job

May 28, 2016

Radical Marxist Pervert Roz Ward Resigns from Government Job

Subtitle: Take a hike Commie Pervert


It has been a wild ride so far for the Marxist-driven ‘Safe Schools’ indoctrination program.  The brainchild of a program that was designed to push ‘gender fluid‘ propaganda into every classroom has been forced to resign from a State Government job that was set up to implement her Marxist agenda.

Ms Roz Ward is the radical Marxist who explained several years ago that the pushing LGBTI etc… agenda into schools was the next phase of ensuring that Marxism would succeed in Australia.  Despite being exposed for her agenda in the media the State Government of Victoria saw fit to offer Roz Ward the plumb position of forcing the much-hated program in the school system.  Labor Party Premier Dan Andrew has refused to address the concerns of parents about the validity of the ‘Safe Schools’ program and accused anyone of opposing it as ‘Homophobic‘.

Here is the tweet that Dan Andrews sent out to confirm his commitment to this warped program:

Whatever happens with the Liberals’ secret review, we’ll make sure Safe Schools stays in Victoria. End of story

Front and centre of Andrews’ agenda was given a government position to the most controversial organiser and infamous Marxist ideologue to run the program.  Andrews was not just ignoring the genuine concerns of parents whose children who must endure this indoctrination, he telling them to go to Hell.  In the ideological mind of Andrews only so-called ‘Homophobes’ would oppose a program that teaches children that sex is not biologically and genetically determined.  His willingness to stack a board with a Marxist ideologue only shows how out of touch he is with most parents.  In the Andrew government it is okay to let radical Marxists force hardcore propaganda into the minds of susceptible children.

However the resignation of Roz Ward comes a day after the Andrews government staged an apology day to homosexuals who had fallen under laws of previous generations. The rainbow flag was hoisted over the Victorian Parliament house to commemorate the pandering event.  To celebrate Roz Ward posted a photo of the rainbow flag on  Facebook with the comment:

“Now we just need to get rid of the racist Australian flag on top of state parliament and get a red one up there and my work is done.”

Clearly the ‘Red Flag’ meant a Marxist flag of some description.  The backlash to calling the Australian flag racist and the public declaration for  a Marxist state has forced Roz Ward to resign.

For now both state and federal governments are trying to distance Roz Ward’s resignation from the ‘Safe Schools’ program.  The state government has said that the resignation was Ms Ward’s own decision.  Federal Opposition leader Bill Shorten said:

‘I don’t buy that sort of tenuous lunar right logic (that) because one person has criticised the flag, we shouldn’t have anti-bullying programs in our schools.’

As for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull? His comments on the ‘Safe Schools’ program are becoming increasingly vague.

Kids should be safe from bullying, whether it is on the basis of their sexual orientation, their race, their religion, their appearance, right across the board

Politicians who are risk adverse will avoid making any comment on the most controversial and ideological driven parts of the Safe School program.  It seems that many are just trying to avoid being accused of homophobia.  As a result parents who have any genuine fear that their children are being brainwashed into a warped ideology are being hung out to dry.  By dis-empowering the parents whose primary concern is for the well-being and safety of their own children is a major concern.  There is a genuine fear that parents are being trampled over by a clique of extreme ideologues whose are more interested in Marxist indoctrination than protecting children.

Editorial Comment:

By the end of this year my last of 5 children will be out of the high school system. I am very relieved about this.  Roz Ward is warped Marxist Deviant who has no interest in protecting children from bullying.  This is just a Trojan Horse used to justify her Marxist indoctrination of your children.

Good Bye Roz Ward.  Now crawl back under the rock where you came from.


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