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The ‘Safe Schools’ Scandal Continues: Roz Ward Allowed back at La Trobe Uni

June 3, 2016

The ‘Safe Schools’ Scandal Continues: Roz Ward Allowed back at La Trobe University

One warped and angry Pinko wants the right to corrupt your children

You just cannot make this stuff up.

Roz Ward was dumped from her position on the government panel for tweeting that she wanted to remove the Australian flag from on top of parliament to replace it with a communist flag.

La Trobe University stands her down, on full pay, pending an investigation into her ‘Serious Misconduct’.

And now…

La Trobe University backs down and lets Roz Ward back to work following threats of legal action against the Institute.

Vice Chancellor John Dewar was quoted as saying:

“Accordingly, I have decided after much consideration and in consultation with colleagues, that the allegations against Ms Ward and her suspension will be withdrawn.

“We will continue to work to ensure that vulnerable young people in the LGBTI community have the support and information they need through the Safe Schools Program.”

Editorial Comment:

Roz Ward may be the most creepy person who has ever had access to children and pot money in Australian history.  The psychological time bomb that is about to be unleashed will take decades for students to overcome. I predict that many will be so angry at this abuse of power that they take to the courts and sue the government mercilessly.

Yet when Roz Ward threatens to sue La Trobe they roll over like the complete cowards that they are.

However, Roz Ward is only 50% of the problem.  Ward is just a perverted Marxist ideologue when wants to brainwash children into a constant state gender confusion.  The other half of the problem is the collection of people who have been providing money for the Orwellian names ‘Safe Schools’ Marxist indoctrination program.


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