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Flogging the Dead Horse of Euthanasia

June 11, 2016

Flogging the Dead Horse of Euthanasia – Victoria Goes Kill Friendly

How many times will the gaggle of euthanasia proponents flog their dead horse?  The answer is as many times as they think they can get sneak it through.

The Labor State Government of Victoria has turned out to be one of the least friendly in history.  Every extreme left wing or radical cause is being green lit by the Government as if the have gone mad with power: The ‘Safe Schools’ scandal where children are being taught the pseudo-science gender fluidity ; the handing over of the CFA (Country Fire Authority) to union domination at the expense and anger of its majority of volunteer force and now the repackaging of euthanasia as something new (which it is not).  For a state government that is more interested in pursuing ideological agendas, euthanasia is just another example of how bloody minded they are.

What is new about the euthanasia debate that has not already been discussed?  What else can be brought to the table to make it seem like a piece of beautiful mercy?  Do we really need another example of acrobatic grammar to hide the word kill?

If your objective is to start up the euthanasia industry then you will keep coming back after every rejection until your opponents either give up or are forcibly silenced.

A recent cross-party report handed down by the  state Parliament’s Legal and Social Issues Committee has recommended legalising euthanasia.

The Report makes 49 recommendations including:

  • Adults could end their lives if suffering serious, incurable conditions
  • Doctors prescribing lethal drugs would need to be protected, report says
  • The request must come from the patient
  • Must be completely free of coercion
  • Must be repeated three times through an initial verbal request, a formal written request and final verbal request
  • Patient may withdraw request at any time

There is nothing new in this report as such recommendation and so-called ‘safeguards’ have been proposed in past attempts to pass euthanasia legislation.

Another disturbing aspect report is its heavy reliance on opinion polls to justify changes in the legislation.  Claiming between 70% to 90% of the population want changes to the euthanasia legislation based upon media run opinion polls is deceptive.  No account is given as to how representative the polled individuals are, nor is there any information on what questions were asked or what answers were given. Nor is there any information on whether any vested interests commissioned the polling companies to gather evidence to meet a predetermined outcome(push polling). In short opinion polls can shift wildly over a given period of time and should never be used as the opinion of an entire population.

The report does have other critical flaws in the way it is presented.  All reference to euthanasia is framed in the euphemistic term of “End of Life Choices”.

The most disturbing parts of the report appear to gloss over and downplay any examples of euthanasia running out of control. Where the committee investigated nations that allow euthanasia we were given this trite answer:

In each jurisdiction, a relatively small number of total deaths each year are attributed to assisted dying:

Yet in the following paragraph the cost to human life is laid out in black and white:

In the Netherlands there were 5516 reported cases of ‘assisted dying’ in 2015, amounting to 3.9% of all Dutch deaths in the year. Of these, in 5277 cases a doctor administered the medication, 208 were patient self‑administered and the remaining 31 were a combination of both.

Over 5500 patients being euthanised in one year and the authors of the report fail to see a problem.  The vast majority of which (over 5200) were killed by a doctor. Someone is seriously deluded if they think that this is an example of a program that has any safeguards in place.  With almost 4% of the deaths being attributed to one cause the numbers read like the statistics of a slaughterhouse.



From 2000 to 5500 p.a. shows that euthanasia is out of control.
Sneering at the ‘Slippery Slope’ is an insulting response when you see this.


The ‘Objections’ to legalising euthanasia are listed with scant detail.  Some objections are treated with scarcely concealed contempt, such as any sanctity of human life arguments.  The report calls these purely ‘Diety Based’ objections.

This argument is sometimes framed from a religious perspective, with a deity being the only agent with the authority to give or remove life.

Yet there is no mention that the sanctity of life may also be respected from a rational viewpoint.

It is hard to see what this new report brings to the euthanasia debate.  Framing the argument as having some kind of bipartisan support does not address the key elements of what euthanasia involves.

The report cannot even bring itself to connect the killing with euthanasia and instead chooses to hide behind pleasant sounding euphemisms.


The overall tone of the report seems to be designed to soften the public up for legislative changes that are being planned by the State Labor Government.  The dead horse of euthanasia is continually flogged by radical activists every few years.  Time and time again it keeps getting trotted out as if it is something new and wonderful.

All the tired old arguments have been around for 100’s years and there is nothing new to say.  ‘Vox Popoli’ is not an argument for a matter that strikes at the value of a human life. Nor should we be easily fooled by a series of questionable opinion polls.


Editorial Comment:

5500 euthanasia deaths a year in the Netherlands and this mob think that noble sounding safeguards will protect anyone.


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