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Orlando shooting: Media go Stupid

June 14, 2016

Islamic Terrorist Massacre in the USA and the Media go Stupid.

A selfie of Omar Mateen

Omar Mateen.  Is he another example of the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ syndrome?


The 50 bodies are hardly cold and media has already gone nuts to hide the truth.

  • What was the motivation of the gunman?
  • How could he so easily do this?
  • What can be done to stop future mass killings like this?


In the earlier hours of Sunday,  Omar Mateen entered a gay nightclub and opened fire with military style  weapons  that left 50 dead and 53 wounded.  From all angles, it appeared to be a senseless slaughter that has now become the deadliest attack on US soil since 9/11.

What was unique in this case was the fact that it happened to be a gay night club.  What was not unique was the use of heavy weapons and motivation of the killer.

Omar Mateen was a radical Islamist terrorist who used his world view about right and wrong along with his own justification in how to punish ‘sinners’ to justify his actions.  As a radical Islamist, he is not unique in his view that the punishment for homosexuality is death.  In the middle east scores of people, accused homosexuality have been killed by ISIS .  Many have been thrown off building  tops to their deaths.  Visiting Islamic cleric Farrokh Sekaleshfar, have explained in no uncertain terms that it is okay to kill gays:

Death is the sentence. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about this. Death is the sentence. We have to have that compassion for people. With homosexuals, it’s the same. Out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.

Farrokh did do some backtracking in his words claiming that this would only occur in Islamic countries where someone publically performing a homosexual act.  Regardless of his posthoc nuance, it does point to a significant difference between western thinking and Islamic thinking.

“Death is the sentence”

As strange as this cleric is, he was invited to speak at an Australian university campus without the slightest protest from gay activists or their media cheerleaders.  Nor was there much protest from the gay communities and activists about the numbers of people being dropped from buildings in the middle east.  The gay media outlets have ignored the issue.  Even their annual ‘Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ in Sydney failed to use the highly politicised event to draw attention to the issue.  Instead, they ran floats ridiculing Christianity and conservatives who have only offered verbal disagreement with their lifestyle choices.  Islam was not to be ridiculed for some reason.  Deaths in the middle east were far less important an issue than mocking Catholics by dressing up as nuns.

Mardi Gras 2016.  Am I allowed to call this Christophobic?


After the Orlando Massacre

Q: How would a rational and balanced media tackle a massacre in the heart of a western nation?  

A: What is this ‘rational and balanced’ media that you speak of?

Prize nong for confected outrage  has to be Fairfax columnist John Birmingham.  In his rant called “Orlando shooting: thoughts and prayers from hypocrites do nothing to help” Birmingham scolds the west for its homophobia but dismisses the killer as an unstable and aggressive psychotic who latched on radical Islam to vent his hate.  To Birmingham, the greatest fear is that an anti-Muslim pogrom may result out of this as he sarcastically writes:

It was time for an anti-muslim pogrom.

Definitely not time for a debate about gun laws. Definitely not time for a good, long hard think about homophobia specifically and the politics of hatred in general

He goes further in his delirium as he blames everyone but radical Islam for the killing:

Some of you might think on that the next time you compare something like a Safe Schools Program to paedophile grooming. Or draw a line from marriage equality to bestiality. Some of you might consider the effect you have on weaker, smaller, more unstable minds when you point your crooked staff at a reviled minority and pronounce your very own fatwa upon them.

There will be blood and a few inconvenient drops of it might just splatter on you as they fly.

Gee, thank’s John, I did not know that opposing the ‘Safe Schools’ program in Australia caused radical Islamists to shoot gays in the USA.  And in other non-sequiturs picking daisies in Melbourne kills a polar bear in Alaska.

Sticking with Fairfax New we have the rapid response columnist Nick O’Malley who immediately true to pin the whole issue on gun ownership.

In his column “Orlando shooting: For Republicans, it’s easier to ban Muslims than guns” Nick writes this about the upcoming US presidential election :

Americans will get to choose between one candidate who wants to defend guns and ban Muslims and another who has declared her support for gun control.

He makes a significant effort to ignore that fact that radical Islam was the motivation in the previous two massacres and tries to blame easy access to guns as a cure-all. Despite the fact that gun ownership in the USA is open for debate it does not explain how 9 terrorist armed with nothing but blades were able to cause such havoc on 9/11.  The main factor might just be the radical ideology that justifies the mass killings.

A well know writer for the ABC’s Drum blog site, Jonathan Green seems more concerned about culture war than actual war. In his epistle called “Orlando shooting: Our culture war reaction doesn’t help” Green writes:

The argument has already been made that somehow cowed correctness, a collective failure to denounce “Islamism”, is at the root of horrific grotesques like the shootings at Orlando.

So is Johnathan trying to say that not condemning “Islamism” will help stop these massacres?  Perhaps not, because that would be a stupid thing to say.  Yet Green does continue emotionally:

As if it mattered what some madman claims as motivation, as if it mattered what other madmen nail to their mast.

In Green’s universe, it is not the motivation of the killer that matters.  I am so glad.  We would not want people to associate radical Islam with another mass killing by radical Islamist.

Our man Jonathan Green does show his true motivations for writing his piece as being that of avoiding blame.

The next days and weeks will pump their tyres, the angry commentariat who will insist that it’s the meek pusillanimous left who are truly to blame, that somehow venting our anger at Islamism, or even Islam more broadly, would have stayed the hand of a madman like Omar Mateen.

We would not want to ruin Green’s day by pointing out that his world view might not be helpful.


The writers above are just the beginning of western media panic over the Orlando Shooting. Each one seems to avoid any connection to terrorism and the motivations of the killers.  They were not escapees from asylums that did killing.  They were radicalised.  Ther is a difference.  Shifting the blame away from radical Islam to secondary issues is not going to make the problem go away.


Editorial Comment:

Editor: ‘Nothing to do with radical Islam’ is becoming a sick joke.

Response: But what about Gun ownership?

Editor: Find me a terrorist who cannot get a gun when they want one.

Response: What about Homophobia?

Editor: As dictated by radical Islam?


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