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Election 2016 – Turnbull Must Resign

July 3, 2016

Election 2016 – Turnbull Must Resign

Malcolm Turnbull

My opinion of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister was pretty low to start off with.

He happily played the role of spoiler and rebel when he was a minister under the then Prime Minister Tony Abbott.  For first two years of the new government, Turnbull white anted Tony Abbott’s Prime Ministership.  He leaked negative stories to the media and set up secret meetings with other ministers to plot an overthrow.  Every opportunity that he had he used to crawl his way into power, not through a popular vote but through a back room deals of offering elevated positions to his co-conspirators.  Turnbull offered jobs and counted numbers with all the class of the Senators who had decided that Ceasar should go.  In fact, by deposing a first turn Prime Minister, Turnbull acted in the manner that he had condemned Julia Gillard for.

Like Gillard, the argument put forward was that the sitting Prime Minister would lose too many seats and the party would not survive the next election.  Turnbull sold his coupe to a nervous party on the grounds that he was more popular than Tony Abbott and as a result would give a better election result.

As Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull alienated the traditional Liberal voters.  Not just for his betrayal of Prime Minister Tony Abbott, but for his shift in social policies.  Subjects that had virtually no support in conservative circles were elevated as being important.  Why did the Prime Ministers invite some of the most radical leaders of the Muslim community to share a dinner?  Why did he show up to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras for a photo opportunity?  Why does he call the colonization of Australia and Invasion?  In almost every social issue, Turnbull fits the fashionable leftist narrative.  Is it any wonder that Prime Minister Turnbull’s popularity declined?

Everything that was used to justify installing Turnbull as Prime Minister has fallen apart in this election.  There was no boost in popularity by forcing the Liberal Party to the far left on social issues.  The huge majority that was won by the elected PM, Tony Abbott, has been squandered by the unelected PM Malcolm Turnbull.  So great is the loss of seats that the government’s survival is in doubt.  This all thanks to an unnecessary and self-serving coupe whose only purpose was to display hubris in all its glory.  The people have spoken and they have rejected any illusion that Malcolm had some kind of divine birthright to be Prime Minister of Australia.

Turnbull is a man who stole his position because he used every dirty political trick he had destroy the serving prime minister.  His promise to unite the party and bring in extra votes has backfired so thoroughly that his own reputation is now garbage.  He has failed to show any reason as why it was necessary to remove Tony Abbott from office.  No one can seriously argue that Abbott would have lost more seats than this.  Nor can they find a person who has so divided the Liberal Party.  In terms of stature, Turnbull has none.  In terms of electoral success, he has shown himself to be a failure.  In terms of policy, he seems to be far more comfortable with ALP voters than Liberal voters.  Few people who liked Tony Abbott have forgiven the people who conspired with Turnbull in his coupe. On the day after the election, where the government’s future still has not been decided, how can anyone deny that Turnbull is responsible for this disaster.

Knowing all this an honourable man would resign.

However, I will never accuse Malcolm Turnbull of being honourable.


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