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Nice Truck Attack: After 80 deaths it is time that PC was abandoned

July 15, 2016

Nice Truck Attack: After 80 deaths it is time that PC was abandoned

A Small child lays dead beside her doll



The Truck is riddled with bullet holes  by police


At last count, there have been 80 people killed and over 100 injured by a rampaging driver of a large truck who purposely mowed them down. Thousands of people were on the street to celebrate Bastille Day in France when the heavy truck drove onto the footpath and aimed at the helpless victims in its path.  Witness have said that the driver was swerving from side to side in order to target people who were trying to escape.  President François Hollande has confirmed that children have been killed in the attack.  Stories in the media claim that the driver also fired weapons at the crowd.  Unconfirmed reports claim that there was another gunman in the truck who may have escaped after the police killed the driver bringing the carnage to a standstill.

The path the Truck took

Very Graphic footage of the attack.

Reality cannot be ignored:

A  brutal terrorist attack upon the helpless civilians, men, women, and children, can only be committed by the most ruthless of people.  The truck had to drive over wave after wave of victims in the desperate effort to kill as many as possible.  When the massacre was stopped the police found the truck to be loaded with explosives and hand grenades.

It clear that this is an act of terrorism aimed at the most defenseless target possible.  In one video a motorcycle is seen catching up to the driver’s side of the truck only fall over suddenly.  It is possible that the motorcycle rider was shot.  However as soon as he fell the truck drove over the body.  Immediately after this, the truck ran over more victims.  The mindset of a person that can bring themselves to do this is pure fanaticism.

All evidence is pointing to an Islamic Terrorist Attack.  The tactic of running over people with a vehicle is recommended by ISIS.  The driver followed the same method of attack that was being used by terrorists against Israelis.  That is to approach a crowd slowly to hide its intention then speed up when people cannot escape.

In terms of threat, the west is facing a state of war.

This war cannot be won unless we face up to the reality of the ideology that is driving it.

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