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GREG SHERIDAN on the current Persecution of Christians

August 6, 2016

GREG SHERIDAN on the current Persecution of Christians.

In an editorial titled ‘Western media shuts its eyes to persecution of Christians by IS‘ Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor for The Australian newspaper, has slammed the silence of western media for its silence.

There is one minority group that is more persecuted than any other in the world, persecuted more frequently, more widely and with more intensity.

There is indeed in one substantial region an explicit campaign of genocide being carried out against this group.

Yet you will hardly ever hear about it in the Western media.

The minority group in question is Christians.

Greg adds:

A terrible process of ethnic and religious cleansing of Christians from the Middle East is strongly in train.

Much of the article highlights the double standards and hypocrisy of western media outlets who are intentionally ignoring mass human rights abuses against Christians.

Therefore the Western media cannot bring itself to describe, much less make moral judgments about, the savage persecution of Christians.

The article is a good start for a subject does not rate media attention.

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