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The Safe Schools Scandal: The LGBT crowd turn on Roz Ward

August 26, 2016

The Safe Schools Scandal: The LGBT crowd turn on Roz Ward

Marxist Fist Pump from Roz Ward

If only…

If only there was a skerrick of reason to how an obviously warped individual like Roz Ward was able to rise to power. If only Marxists could see traditional families as anything more than something to manipulated and eventually abolished. If only the people in charge of the education system were not so fixated upon their ideologies.

There are plenty of regrets in the saga of the Safe Schools scandal. None the least is that its agenda is there for everyone to see. Roz Ward is just one player in a massive conspiracy to undermine the wishes and moral values that most parents hold. The whole Safe Schools program was a Trojan horse falsely labeled as an anti-bullying program. Its main purpose was to pump hardcore LGBT propaganda into the helpless minds of innocent children. If anyone dare question it motives or disagree with its dogma then they would be subjected to a barrage of insults, slurs and condemnations. In short, all critics were to be bullied into submission in the name of anti-bullying. How is that for irony? Worse than irony it is ccold-blooded deception.

Your children are being targeted in the indoctrination war against traditional family values. The people behind the Safe Schools program do not care what you think let alone how much you love your children. They want the minds of children cured of the worst enemy that they can think of: Petty Bourgeois Morality. Only after all the foundations of the traditional family unit are destroyed and all children are mindless Marxist zombies, will they be satisfied.

It is as if the whole plan to take down capitalism and the western dominance relies upon removing the pillars that hold it up: The family, marriage, gender, government, religion and history all have to be wiped away in the wake of ideological purity. If only it was that simple.

Just a few years ago the quest of Same Sex Marriage was on no one’s agenda. Yet in the span of a decade it has risen to become one of the most talked about issues in the media. What is driving this? Did the Gay communities suddenly all decide that they wanted to be part of an institution that had for decades scorned and rejected? Did a community whose leaders condemned marriage as slavery and legal prostitution sudden have an epiphany about stable and lifelong commitments? Or was there another set of agendas at work?

For an ideologue like Roz Ward the jig seems to be up. Safe Schools was set up to push a Marxist agenda and now everyone knows it. Once this became public knowledge it was merely a matter of time before it was exposed at the dangerous sham that it was. So damaging is the Safe School scandal that other LGBT activists are starting distance themselves from it.

Speaking at a Socialist Alternative conference at Sydney University last weekend, Ms Ward condemned critics of the Safe School program.

“These people have clearly lost the argument on marriage equal­ity, although not the legal reform yet,” the La Trobe University ­academic told the conference.

“The conservatives were really not going give up on their homophobia, their transphobia, so the Safe Schools Coalition became a focus for that.

“Most of their evidence is based on shit they make up. They literally just lie, fabricate or use really outdated research.”

A former Victorian government adviser on LGBTI health-related matters, Rob Mitchell, described Ms Ward’s comments as self-serving. Also claiming that:

“What Roz Ward is doing now is actually counter-productive for the broader push for equality.”

Tim Wilson, a former member of the Safe Schools’ steering committee, said Ms Ward was abusing her position to advance her own political agenda at the expense of the program.

“Ms Ward’s ongoing indifference to legitimate concerns about Safe Schools is now harming the debate on marriage for same-sex couples,” he said.

“In the lead-up to a plebiscite we need a respectful debate on both sides.”

The criticism from the LGBT leaders indicates that the Safe Schools program is hurting their case for changing the marriage act to permit Same Sex Marriages. What they are not doing is condemning the program that Roz Ward was so instrumental in creating. Nor is anyone questioning whether there is any justification in running a multimillion dollar program to address the concern of a micro-minority. They appear to be more concerned with the damage Roz Ward may do to the Same Sex Marriage campaign.

Unfortunately the forgotten people of the controversy are the parents and children who will take the brunt of the Safe Schools social experiment. Reading the comments from concerned parents is building a disturbing picture of intimidation and fear. Here is example of some of the comments:


Like others writing here, I too hear friends’ almost crying when their children are coming home from school enunciating “sexual identity” issues that do not, in reality, exist.


Roz Ward is a very sad case.  In her eyes our children must be manipulated to justify her behaviour.  Over my dead body.


My daughter is in grade 8 at a state school. I’m gob smacked that substantial school time is being spent instructing children on various gender identities. My daughter recently explained to me “pansexuality” and “furries”. She says that many of her friends are questioning their gender and what they are sexually attracted to and that it is “trendy”. I feel outraged but am yet to approach the school for fear of being considered a trouble maker or homophobic.


My daughter saw her daughter’s primary school (independent state school in WA) principal and said that if Safe Schools ever became policy then she would remove her daughter immediately from the school. The principal told her that this program would never be taught in the school while he was running it.


I don’t want this vile thing within a cooee of my children…..and she will never get a yes vote from me!


Sexualisation of Children by adults is called grooming.

Can we please stop listening to these fetishist cultural marxists they are just crazies on the fringes of the looney bin.


I didn’t know such a word as ‘transphobia’ existed.  Now with Safe Schools my children will.

Editorial Comment:

Roz Ward is just one out of many who are pushing the Safe School program into the schools. Just as guilty is Victorian State Premier, Dan Andrews, who has promised to fund the program even if it loses federal funding.

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