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Changes to “18c” may happen soon

August 31, 2016

Changes to “18c” may happen soon

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Amending the Racial Discrimination Act was once backed a few “crazy right wingers” but can now count at least 20 senators on its side and that had much to do with a Queensland university case, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi says, AAP reports.

Senator Bernardi, who plans to introduce a private bill to remove the words “insult” and “offend” from section 18C of the act, said this was a modest and sensible reform.

He said before the election it was “only a few of the crazy right wingers like myself” who backed this change.

He now has the support of at least 13 coalition senators and seven crossbenchers and the Queensland case had played a significant role.

Three Queensland University of Technology students are being sued for racism over a series of Facebook posts after they were asked to leave a QUT computer labreserved for indigenous students.

Senator Bernardi said not one person has been able to defend the use of 18C in this case.

“If it had gone to the tribunal and they’d just said ‘this is a joke surely, you’re being ridiculous’ and thrown it out, maybe we wouldn’t have quite the same strong level of interest we have now,” he told Sky News.

Senator Bernardi rejected the suggestion he was just seeking to make trouble for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“It really is about fixing a wrong,” he said on ABC television. “It is entirely about the principle behind freedom of speech in this country.”

Editorial Comment:

Make a joke and the full force of law comes down on your head.  18c of the Anti-Discrimination Act is so flawed that needs to be abolished.

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