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My Apologetics from China

October 23, 2016

There you go.

Here I am in Ningbo China.

Myapologetics has managed to break through the Great Firewall of China and report that he is, in fact, safe and well.

Things are different here. It is like a very surreal version of the west.  They have all the stuff we have but it just does not feel right.  Something will always remind you that you are the stranger in the strange land.  Once I left the Hong Kong airport I crossed the invisible where they do things differently there.

People have the latest of everything, mobile phone, cars, computers and clothes.  What they don’t have has been replaced with a nationally approved doppleganger.  Weechat instead of Facebook skype.  There is no Google but we have the chinese equivalent.  It shows a crying face cartoon when you cannot reach the forbidden sites.  I do have, which for some reason, defaults to Chinese.  Does anyone on the planet actually use Bing? I am finding it to be worse than I imagined.

Oh, I can get the website but not to the Dibert Blog. The thoughts of Scott Adams must be subversive of something.

Changing money outside the airport?  Give up a full hour of red tape at the bank.




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