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In China the US elections seem so Far Away

October 26, 2016


Day 3 in Ningbo, China and I am beginning lose all sense of artificial importance. What was so urgent and real just a few days ago is now off the agenda.  I can understand why some people become so fed up with the television news that want go and hide. A re we happier worrying about win the election in the USA. I our life less complete if we do not know Clinton’s latest quip or Trump’s retort. For-God-Sake enough already. Have your damn election and tell who I  going to blame for the next 4 years.

That is the way that goes.  The US has an election, they install a new president on awave of hope, utopia does not arrive and suddenly we all know the name of the person to blame. It is always the person that we did not vote for.  Or if we did vote for them, we can actually pinpoint the exact moment when they lost our trust.  Scrub all of this if you, like myself, cannot even vote in the US election.   Why is everyone getting so invested in a result that they have no control over.  How many angry Australians does it to keep Donald Trump from the White House?

Here in China I get the impression that no matter who wins they will not be happy. They have their own universe to worry about and the USA leadership seems to be less important than it actual existence.

I do have some thought about how the election in the US will play out. More of an outsider observation than anything.

Reputation wise, Hillary Clinton is toast.  Even if she wins, her ability to command respect and drive a mandate is over.  Somewhere between having a secret private email server, the Clinton Foundation scam and her smearing contempt for traditional family values she lost her moral high ground. Trump maybe an uncouth oaf with a potty mouth but he does have a air of Hommer Simpson about him. That is not a bad thing if you think about it. Hommer despite all his failings and self centred behaviour is a loveable scallywag who never fails to redeem himself. As for all accusations of sexual misconduct and harassment that are coming out just at the election?  The timing of these accusations is deminishing their credibility. Why are they only coming now and not a decade ago?  Or even during the primaries? Suspicion will fall upon a team of muckrakers driving this.  Wikileaks on the other hand are very slowly and deliberately frying Clinton in boiling oil. Ever so slowly they are dipping Hillary in to unbearable torture until one piece of her reputation is so scolded and scorched that it falls off. No one believes lame excuse that the Russians are behind this.  Even Hillary Clinton looks as she cannot even believe her own spin when blames Vladimir Putin for trying interfere with a US election.

Neither candidate for the presidential is a perfect candidate. They are both very flawed characters. Yet one has the advantage of being able to point to most of his media scandal as lacking contemporaneous  evidence to support the claims. The other is facing wave after wave of her own parties emails that show a level of deep corruption. No amount of blaming Putin will ever shift the blame.

The US election with be a close contest until the last day.  No one actually know what will happen but I do suspect that if Clinton wins she will not know what to do.  If Trump wins then he will. That will start with selecting the new Supreme Court judges.

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