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Sorry America I just can’t take Your Election Seriously Anymore – Spirit Cooking

November 6, 2016

Sorry America I just can’t take Your Election Seriously Anymore


Spirit Cook this.

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Every election cycle has its fair share of wacky accusations and counter accusations.  Mostly they start with claims of secret agendas, escalate to accusations of racism, move on to comparisons with fascism, communism with the final card in the deck being either called Hitler or a misogynist (which is now worse than being called Hitler).  It is pure entertainment for a person with my distorted sense of humor.  Yet this US election, for some unknown reason, has ramped up the crazy to a whole new level.  Forget the rhetorical, we are now in the domain of the literal.  Wikileaks has become a major player in the US election and boy do we know it.  If there is one accusation that is worse than being called Hitler, it is to be accused of running a Satanic Cult.

Seriously, it is down to Satanic Death Cults.

To be fair, the Democratic Party have done everything possible to give credence to this theory. John Podesta’s emails being leaked by Wikileaks is now on update 31.  For a man who claims to be a practicing Catholic, he sneers with contempt at traditional Catholics and evangelicals alike.  Hillary Clinton is no better and demands that Christians change their beliefs to match her politics.  This is insulting but it hardly a black mass.

Wikileaks has been doing enormous damage to Clinton’s effort to be the next President of USA.  No matter what dirt she throws at her opponent, Donald Trump, another batch of hacked emails is released to damage her reputation even more.  Trump was meant to be a dead duck after the Access Holywood Tape was released.  He was meant to be buried and cremated by a string of women with sexual harassment claims.  He was meant to be forever remembered at the candidate that was not safe around women.  However, Hillary has her own dark past in abusing women who crossed her path.  Her husband, Horny Bill Clinton, had a much longer string of women accusing him of everything from sexual abuse to rape.  The problem gets much worse when many claim that it was Hillary who hired private investigators and standover merchants to silence them.  In the grand scale of things:  Access Hollywood only proved that Trump had a potty mouth 11 years ago, but Hillary was like some Mafia Matriarch protecting her move to high society.

Yet the Wikileaks kept coming.  They were dumping so many revelations that even pro-Democrat media sources started to report them.  Who was this woman?  Suddenly she was a stranger to us all.  Not an ideological stranger, but a person that no one knew existed.  Hillary had one face for the public and another for private.  The public Hillary was the ‘Brave Femanist Warrior’ who only wanted to make a better fairer society.  The private Hillary was caniving scheamer with a hair trigger temper and contempt for the truth, justice and the law.  Unfortunately the private Hillary was the real Hillary and everything else was a front. But that did not make her the head of a Satanic Cult.

In the past day a new Wikileaks email dump was released that has social media eploding with panic.  The story did not just go viral, it went nuclear.

The impact is being felt even today as the email batch eluded to Satanic Rituals with in the the inner circle of the Hillary Clinton campaign staff.  It gets worse.  There are also claims that children have been trafficed to participate in sick sexual rituals to satisfy the desires of certain people. A new phrase has been introduced into the public domain: ‘Spirit Cooking’.

Below is an email to Tony Podesta (brother of Clinton’s campaign manager John ) from ‘performance artist’ Marina Abramovic:

Image result for Marina Abramovic spirit cooking

It reads

“I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place.  Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?

All my love, Maria”

What is ‘Spirit Cooking?’

You may not wish to know.

You Tube reporter John Paul Watson has done a simple breakdown in his editorial:

The practice is certainly bizzare and stomach churning. Marina Abramovic comes across like a person so detached from reality that creates or follows strange rituals to grab attention.  There is is strong indication from her own behavious and writing that does believe in the rituals that she is performing.  Whether she is a direct Satanic Cultist or not is upto interpretation.

Needless to say that any hint of Satanic Cult being elected to the US Government creates a wave of panic.  Good people with genuine fear of evil are repulsed by demonic. Especially when there are allegations of pedophile rings running at the centre of it.

The Alex Jones Channel is in abosolute meltdown as he spills all his conspiracy theories at once.  Alex broke the story on his channel with this revelation.

Alex has let himself become so engrosed in this scandal that he is dedicating sleepness night to deliver as much as he can about this. More than a dozen video relating to this subject have been created so far.

I cannot help but like Alex Jones despite his collection of wild conspiracy theories and occasional animated meltdowns.  He means well. In one video he was fighting back tears trying to comprehend how anyone halm children. But meaning well may not be enough in this issue.

On the Stefan Molyneux channel we had a more sober and rational discussion by the host Stefan, Mike Cernovich and author Vox Day.

Stefan’s discussion tended to stay on topic and concluded that the ritulistic practices most likely do take place.

Gay pro-Christian, pro-Trump speaker, Milo Yannopoulos (Man that was a mouthful) took time out of his ‘Dangerous Faggot’s Tour’ to comment of the ‘Spirit Cooking’ revelations. This is a much lighter look at the issue.

The whole mater of pedophile Satanic Cult worship is the internet equivalent of the Chernoble meltdown.  No one wants to be caught in the fallout.

Of course if you rather take this very serious then you can watch Alex Jones ‘Alex Jones Prays that God’s Will is to Save the Republic’ video.

From Chernoble to Chernoble, the whole story is becoming surreal.

Why not refer to the Catholic League website to see what they think about this.

In an article title: ‘Is Podesta into Satanism’ Bill Donohue comments on news stories linking Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, to Satanism.

“There is no evidence that John Podesta ever participated in, or was a devotee of, Satanism. But that doesn’t close this issue entirely.”

Donohue writes.

Did he (Podesta) go to the “Spirit Cooking dinner”? We don’t know. But it is also wrong to say, as some are now saying, that “this dinner had absolutely nothing to do with devil worship.” There is no evidence to support that statement either.

What we know is that Podesta, who just recently was described by the International Business Times as a “practicing Catholic,” runs in some unseemly circles. Personally, I never met a “practicing Catholic” who associates with occult gurus such as Abramovic.

Donohue is correct in his sane assessment of what appears to be a situation that infused with insanity and wild conspiracy theories.  Who knows what really does go on behind the doors of the elites who would like to rule us?  We  can suspect anything but with out empirical evidence, it is just speculation and imagination.

The Satanic Cult conspiracy does have a familiar ring to it.  In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s a steady stream of Satanic Horror stories started to fill the main stream news reports.  Most turned out to be false, with many nothing more than fiction dreamed up to fill empty spaces on broadsheets.  Evil rituals like, sacrificing thousands of babies a year di not exist and many people found that they emotionally invested in stories that blew up in their own faces.

The Satanic Cults may or may not exist.  There is little empirical evidence to prove either way.  Whether there is a great conspiracy to hide it just more guesswork.  It may just be that what we are seeing in the news is a beat-up that will be proven false much to the delight of those who are now being assumed as guilty.

I do think that when a shock revelation is made, emotion is the worst enemy.  You might be in the process of being setup to be humiliated.

Update 7/11/16:

Ben Shapiro also says that there is no evidence that Podesta is a Satanist.

He also rips Alex Jones for his over reaction.


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