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China Diaries: Lost Generation of Hope

November 7, 2016

China Diaries

Hope is such a fickle master.  It can lead to greater things or it can lead to doom.  It all depends upon whether the hope is true or false.  Hence I am wondering why so few people can see that the Chinese Communists are a doomed.  Into the dark, it runs.

When speaking to local Chinese I am careful not act like a visiting subversive trying to educate them about the dark past of such notorieties as Mao and events like Tienamin Square.  The wall of ignorance around such history is overwhelming.  In the end, I will go home to my safe country, under a democratically elected government, as the local Chinese must deal with the reality of their world.

Yet it is they who offer their opinions to me.  They may not know much about their own recent history but they are not happy with what they do know.

What do they complain about:

That the party came to power by the power of guns

They party can only maintain control through the power of the guns

The Party are the first to break the law

That the leaders do not even respect the constitution.
This is what I have repeatedly been told.

What is my answer?
That every regime, every king, every ruler has their time and then they are gone.

I keep saying that Communism is dead.

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