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President Elect Trump: Suck it up Princess

November 13, 2016

Suck it up Princess

I t was of little shock to me that Donald Trump won the election.  The margin was a surprise but the actual win was not.  I am not trying to claim some kind of post hoc loyalty to the Trump, because how would that benefit an Australian who cannot even vote in the US election?

I know that the election was hard fought with two flawed characters both airing as much of their opponent’s dirty laundry as possible.  In a bar room brawl election feelings were going to get hurt, but only the one who showed pain was going to lose.  “grab her by the *****” was almost the fatal blow that took Trump out. However, Clinton was being buried by revelations from Wikileaks and the FBI investigation into her private email server.  Creepy versus corrupt is never a good fight.  Especially when Hillary is married to the King of Creepy dirty old men.

Then came the Podesta emails and all Hell broke loose. The new term of the year is “Spirit Cooking “.  Trump did something creepy eleven years ago but that did not even come close to the Satanic Rituals that many imagined were taking place with Hillary’s inner circle.  In a fight to death creepy versus super creepy will always favour the less creepy.

Everything else in the election news focused upon personality and minority issues. The big issues about how to run the economy and how to create jobs was lost to a media barrage ideological hero worship and social justice sound bytes.  Election polling was so far out that they were a joke.  News media empire CNN were a bigger joke as they bowed and scraped to kiss the ground that Hillary walked on.  In fact they were embarrassing to watch.  The New York Times are apologising to their subscribers to stem the numbers who are deserting them.  One has to ask why? Clearly they were so convinced that “Saint Hillary” would win that they did not consider the consequences of becoming a raw propaganda sheet.

Donald Trump won the election and suddenly the sky fell in on the ideologue world.  It is over and too many elitists chose the wrong side of history.  If he had lost then he would have to humbly accept defeat and his disappointed supporters would be expected to congratulate the winner.  That would be honourable thing to do.

Instead, Hillary did not make a Swan Song speech until the following day.  Rumours abound that she was furious and balling like a baby over her loss.  So much for her emotional stability under pressure.

Clinton’s supporters have equally immature about losing the election.  Taking to the streets and rioting, burning flags and attacking any Trump supporter that they can.  They have even attacked people who they think may have voted for Trump.  For three days these street thugs have been rioting against the result of a democratic election.  They are protesting against democracy itself.

Yet this is not the most disappointing thing to see.  Rioting Socialists, communists and George Soros hired goons only highlight why the election result was valid.  The most disappointing thing to watch is plethora of celebrities and YouTube videos of people crying like babies because Hillary did not win.  It is cringeworthy viewing where people like Lady  Garga , Madona and Miley Cyrus all teared up like big babies who did not get a pony for Christmas.  The faces on the self-indulgent crowd are like a funeral march. Did someone die? No, but that does not stop these cry babies acting as if this has occurred.

The election is over, someone had to lose and crying like an entitled baby is not going to change the result.  It is called democracy blubber guts.

So all I can say to all the people who are disappoint that their sainted ruler did not get to be queen of the world, suck it up Princess and stop humiliating yourself in public.

Update: Sky News Paul News Live comments on the mental children having fits.

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