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China Diaries: Super Westernize This

November 17, 2016

China Diaries: Super Westernize This

I spoke to my son the other day.  The Skype sessions I used was poor and the picture was a little blurred but we could easily speak.  He asked what China was like.  I had to think for a moment whilst I tried collect my impressions of a land that so different from what I imagined it would be.  From the city to country side everything was very different than I expected was at odds from what I had been presented in the media.  The cities had grown up in such short period of time that they have not been completed yet. Neo lights shine out on the streets that filled with traffic. Highways stretch on for kilometres as the pass through tunnels.  Shops and cafes crowd the sidewalk.   So what does this remind me of.

I told my son to imagine that someone had seen a picture of a Japanese city and based upon that picture decided to make a copy.  This is what the city of Ningbo looks like. A city based upon a idealised image of what modern city should look like.

What is missing from this city?  

The past.

It was explained to me by a Chinese friend that the most of the history  was destroyed in the cultural revolution.  Even the historic library that holds artefacts had to be pieced to the scraps that the Communists had not been able to destroy.  Imagine that.  Thousands of years of history and culture wiped away in a desperate effort to control the population through ignorance.  Did thousands of years of history mean anything chairman Mao?  The sense of regret will never go away because what is left only highlights how much has been lost.

Towers are still being built to sell appartment housing to the population.  Many remain empty as they become fodder for property speculation.  There are whole neighbourhoods of empty appartment buildings and still the Chinese Communist Party control the population through the two child only policy.  Just like cattle.

There is more than just the monuments of the past that are missing.  Church are not permitted to have crosses on top and Buddhist temple are far away from the general population.  Mao did his best to destroy thousands of years of history and that destruction is still going on today.

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