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Premier Daniel Andrews has started flogging the Euthanasia Dead Horse

December 8, 2016

Premier Daniel Andrews has started flogging the Euthanasia Dead Horse

I used to think that the worst Premier of  the State of Victoria was Joan Kirner.  Nothing could match that Socialist stalwart and her blind charge to send the state broke as she pranced around blurting out ideological dribble.  However, the crown for worst Premier is about to be claimed by Daniel Andrews who is far more ideologically bloody minded than anyone in the past.

Premier Andrews of the Labor Party is planning to introduce legislation to legalize euthanasia in the state of Victoria.

Andrew s has claimed that the death of his father in 2013 that had changed his mind from being opposed to euthanasia to being in favor.

The move to introduce the euthanasia bill into parliament follows a flawed report of ‘End of Life Choices‘ that was commissioned by the government.  The report focused upon the political feasibility of the legislation passing with partisan support from all political parties.  The report was also infamous in treating opposition to euthanasia contemptuously.

Editorial Comment:

Whether Daniel Andrews came to support the euthanasia cause after his father’s death is true or not is immaterial to the validity of his position. Emotional decisions about the value of a human life is fraught with enormous dangers.

Andrews is a predictable stereotype of an extreme leftwing ideologue.  The sanctity of human life to such people meaningless.


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