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December 12, 2016 – I just found the center of Sophistry

I may be naive but a year or so ago I had no idea what an ‘SJW’ was.  When some online pundits explained that it meant  ‘Social Justice Warrior’ a strange shiver went up my spine.  Yes, I have encountered all manner of people laying claim to ‘Social Justice’ as their cause over the years.  In an overwhelming majority of cases ‘Social Justice’ was just ‘Socialist Justice’ or blatant Marxism that had very little actual justice in it.  They did not go by any collective title in the past but they were incredibly impressed with their own virtues and ideological purity.  Like a faceless lump of jelly they just existed to spew forth their alignment with marginal causes and their outrage at unheard of oppressions.  Nothing really made sense because they kept changing and remolding their targeted campaigns quicker than catwalk model changes outfits.  Imagine my surprise when this unidentified jelly became an identifiable organism known as the ‘Social Justice Warrior’ (SJW).

I was still a little behind the times in my understanding about actual makeup of an SJW and why they seem to exist.  Perhaps it was too much for me to hope that all the PC (political correctness) nonsense was wiped out at the end of the 1990’s.  Who would still be insane enough to be a Marxist after the Tiananmen Square massacre?  Twenty years and a whole lot of ignorance can do wonders to revitalize a dead ideology.  Now their time has come again under the wishy-washy theories of ‘Cultural Marxism’ and ‘Intersectionality’.  All extreme cause is now one cause and the SJW’s will enforce them all.

Everything is back on the table again.  The SJW mob rule is making sure of that.  And yes, it really is as dumb as you can imagine.  Radical Feminists, Safe Schools, LGBTQ+, SSM, Breast Binding and penis tucking lessons for minors are all part of the SJW defined agendas.  This list of irrational and infantile causes would make a grown man laugh.  However, if that grown man happens to be white and Cis (what the…?) then laughter is not permitted by that scum of the Earth. The SJW Gestapo hunts in packs and Doxes their enemies and in some case cause them to lose their jobs.  It is a serious business being an SJW and destroying someone’s livelihood is just one their many ways of showing how truly ‘just’ they are.  We should be grateful to our new overlords.

The SJW’s have been busy despite the election of Donald Trump.  Now they have created a whole wiki site dedicated to their own world of brain farts.  The site is  It is a wonderful site that has all the zeal of Mao’s Little Red Book and all the logic of multiple brain aneurysms. Why did someone go to the effort of producing something so insanely entertaining?

On you can find such pearls of wisdom as their arguments against ‘Free Speach’ or what they call the ‘Free Speach Fallacy’ with their killer ‘Freeze Peach‘.  This page is well worth a read just for the image of a peach in ice.

There you go. I have been destroyed by a cartoon of a frozen peach.

They also have the Gingerbread Person graphic to teach us all about gender and orientation. (Why do these graphics look like they are aimed at pre-school children?)

This is apparently the preferred Gingerbread Person

We are also subjected to the liberal use of ‘Trigger Warnings’.

Trigger warning.png

Trigger warning!

The following article might be triggering for some people depending on past experiences.

Please read with caution, go back to the home page, or look at something nice.

The ‘something nice’ link goes to a picture of a bunny.

Anti-SJW YouTuber, Thunderfoot has a whole page dedicated to him.  The tradition of Wikipedias being written from a neutral and factual viewpoint goes out the window when SJWiki unloads on Thunderfoot.   Some of what they write may actually be libel, but that is for the courts to decide.

almost all of Thunderf00t’s criticisms are straw, arguing against something taken out of context, or what appear to be deliberate misunderstandings of the points raised.[10][11]

Thunderf00t is a misogynist and victim blamer.[24][25]

In his debate with Ray Comfort, Thunderf00t takes a utilitarian position on the Holocaust. [33]

Moving on from the hate page we can learn definitions like:

Check your privilege” is an expression used to remind people they are speaking from a biased perspective due to their intersectionalprivilege(s).

Also, did you know that?…

Prejudice plus power is an inclusive and academic definition of axes of oppression, e.g., racism, sexism, etc., that stresses the access to institutional and cultural levels of bias that acts, systems, ideologies, and so on must possess in order to be inherently oppressive.

Nor did I.  Actual, nor should I.  This is ideological pulp and semantic vandalism pretending to be an intellectual revelation. This is where we get the indefensible lie that:

while all people can be prejudiced, only those who have power are really racist.

We also get to find out what Cis means.  Apparent it is a made up word that mean ‘you horrible heterosexual bastards’.Also, there is this thing called ‘Cisplaining‘ which is what we heterosexual bastards do when we get tired of ‘Mansplaining’.  This page disintegrates into much of buzzwords and pseudo-babble and reads like the manifesto of an LSD cult.

Transmisogyny and transmisogynoir are issues that are prevalent in many feminist spaces because cisnormativity and racism are dominant cultural norms.


It has been fun visiting what I would call one of the most humorous websites that I have ever seen.  Initially, I thought that it was a parody site but that hope was soon dashed.  The SJWiki site is deadly serious about its agenda.

From what I have read so far seems to be more interested in power struggles than in creating anything of intellectual value.  They have a very long list of enemies to the SJW cause, including male SJW’s who offend them.

I have no idea who created this website.  However, it does look to be the work of one person or just a few people.  How long this pool of ‘trigger warnings’ and semantics lasts is anyone’s guess.  It depends on how much cash it needs to keep running and who is willing to pay for it.

Editorial Comment:

Dear God.  This is an asylum of lost thoughts from someone with too much time on their hands.

Come back Xenu.  All is forgiven.

Update: 16-7-17

Looks like the fun is over. no longer exists.

Update: 28-8-17

SJWiki are back…

I wonder who is dumb enough to fund them.

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