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Safe Schools Scandal: State Govt Ditches Architect but Keeps Program

December 18, 2016

Safe Schools Scandal: State Govt Ditches Architect but Keeps Program

Premier Daniel Andrews has moved to investigate his ministers mobile phones.

Dan Andrew’s: Ditches the embarrassing warped Marxist but keeps the Perverted Marxist Program


The Safe Schools, gender fluid indoctrination program must be damaging the Labor State Government of Victoria severely.  Now it is willing to cut adrift the Marxist architect of the program, Roz Ward and the University that help design the program.

The State Government has announced that it is canceling its contract with Melbourne’s La Trobe University and would deliver the program ‘in-house’.

The program has a number of controversial activities including discouraging teachers from referring to children as either ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ and having children role-play as gay teenagers.

Despite the recent announcement, the Andrew’s State Government will still be enforcing the delivery of the same ‘Safe Schools’ program.

In short, nothing has changed, and the unpopular program will be rolled out as soon as the Andrew’s Government can manage it.

Roz Ward: A true Marxist is a Gender Fluid Marxist.


Editorial Comment:

I often get the feeling that Dan Andrews is so far left that he thinks that the state owns your children

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