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Putin Refuses to Retaliate to Obama’s ‘Provocations’

December 31, 2016

Putin Refuses to Retaliate to Obama’s ‘Provocations’

You can say anything about Putin but he is not dumb.

With yesterday’s news that President Obama had personally ordered the deportation of 35 Russian diplomats the was every expectation that President Putin would respond in a similar way.  This would leave a diplomatic rift between Russia and the USA well into the administration of the newly elected Donald Trump.  Regardless of how Trump may feel about the veracity and validity of Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s accusations, that Russia influenced the US election result, he looked to be trapped into supporting the action.  The end result of worsening relations with Russia would give emotional credibility to the ‘Russian’s Hacked the Election’ narrative and would by logical extension assert that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.

From a tactical viewpoint, Obama’s sudden decision in the last 3 weeks of his presidency would have been a master stroke that even Saul Alinsky would be proud of.  It was so well planned out that Obama would be able to take out two annoyances with one action.  Donald Trump would be labelled as a Kremlin stooge as he inherits a Cold War started by his predecessor.  Obama and Clinton would be able to sit back and laugh as the whole world burns down around Donald Trump.

That is if they were dealing with a halfwit as a Russian President.

Rather than retaliate with expulsions, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has decided to do nothing.  Giving comments to the media Putin declared that the actions taken by President were his alone.  In a statement from the Kremlin Putin’s administration declared:

[Russia] will not resort to irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy but will plan our further steps to restore Russian-US relations based on the policies of the Trump Administration.

Rumours of an international school being closed in Moscow proved to be false.  Putin has even invited the families of US Diplomates to the New Year’s celebrations.  The message could not be clearer: This is diplomatic crisis Obama’s and Obama will wear it alone.  Donald Trump, the US and even John Kerry were not responsible for what Obama had done on his own.

Now instead of humiliating Russia, Putin and Trump, the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats is likely to humiliate Obama as an act of blind stupidity.


Editorial Comment:

I am concerned that Obama is looking for scapegoats to explain why the Democratic Party lost so many seats in the recent Federal US election.  Hillary Clinton has continually claimed that Russia was trying to rob her of the election but was unable to present any evidence.  CIA reports are at best vague and dodgy, with no one willing to present any direct evidence that election was lost due to Russian interference.

Maybe just maybe, Obama is out of his depth when dealing with Putin, who is clearly smarter than him.

Update 31-12-16 12.00pm

Former CIA Director is baffled by Obama’s actions.

And Fox News reminds everyone of Obama’s own words to Mitt Romney just a few years ago.  What changed his mind?

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