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When will the US election be over

January 19, 2017

With less than 2 days until Donald Trump takes over as president I beginning to wonder whether there ever be an end to the constant campaigning. Not that I would begrudge the right of people to campaign to elect their favourite candidate but shouldn’t the campaign end after the votes have been counted?  Not so with latest US election.  The campaign is in full force with little sign of stopping.  It seems that if you believe, truly believe, the result of the election will magically flip and the losing candidate will become the winner.  Take that Trumpiod.  We will now dance on your political grave.

Disappointment with an election result is something that everyone in a democracy has to deal with from time to time.  There is never any certainty about who will win and every election yields close to 50% of the population who wanted the other side to win.  Get over it, it called and election for a reason.  It is the rules of the game that were agreed before each side decided to compete.

The most amazing thing to watch is how much of sore loser the Clinton side has been.  Despite robbing Bernie Sanders of his chance to stand, Democrats have been crying about how unfair the whole thing was.  The media have gone along for the ride and continued election campaign myths as if they irrefutable facts.  Is the popular vote really the true measure of how an election should be decided; should the electoral college be abolished?; should there be a recount?  The list is never ending.

Everything after a free and fair election should be viewed as being predicated on who actually won according to the agreed rules of the election.  I did not hear anyone complaining about the electoral college system before the election, and I strongly suspect that had Hillary Clinton won the majority of seats and lost the popular vote that it would be praised as the great saviour of the Repulic.  Yes I am that cynical about this complaint.

I am skeptical about claims that Russia hacked the election.  There is no concrete evidence that Russia had any influence over the results.  Nor is there any evidence that they were working with Wikileaks to bring down Hillary with a series of expertly timed leaks of Podesta emails. Hillary had a whole series of issues that made her a bad candidate and Wikileaks were just one factor.  Her secret and illegal private server, her deleted emails, her smug dismissal of any scrutiny and her repeated claims for victim hood.  The FBI investigation took its toll because they were a direct result of Hillary’s own actions.  Where was she during the campaign? Rarely ever fronting the media and unable to draw a crowd even half the size of Trump.  No amount of propaganda can hide the fact that she was unloved by the people.  The Clinton Foundation was so shonky that it was easy to see why she was untrustworthy.

However, for crybabies who cannot accept the truth, it was all Russia and Putin.

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